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 Working on this story...

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PostSubject: Working on this story...   Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:36 pm

I'm rearranging parts so I can work on developing characters. I'm just going to post the one scene I was going to work on today, but ran out of time.
This is into the next chapter where Kio is telling his back story. Right now he's talking about 9th grade year when he hits a dreadful memory.

I could finally move my arms again so I sat up and held onto Kio's shoulder. He let go of his head and took another deep breath.
"I'm sorry...again..."
Stop saying sorry. You don't need to. You don't even have to tell me what happened.
"...I still want to it's just... chilling. I'm alright now. If I just keep my eyes open then I'll be fine."
Then at least turn around.

"Nope, because as I said before I'll lose nerve."
Okay then...
"Hey, go take this downstairs." the kid through the bag at me and I sighed as I stopped caring about what they said long ago. It's cleaning duty after all, not much of an argument to say a kid told me to go take the trash down.

I threw it in the bin by the dorms. Around the corner I saw a book lying on the ground which I went over to investigate. It was indeed one of mine... When I picked it life flashed before my eyes.
So... what happened...? Kio grabbed at his right arm and with his right arm he covered his right eye. He was shaking slightly and stopped and he sighed.

"Next thing I know the entire right side of my body, from my face to my leg were on fire..."
I could only draw my breath in sharp as he said this. Entire... fire...

"It was a prank that had gone too far. I managed to get the fire to go out, but not without it burning my face and arm. I can remember the group of kids coming out making a joke out of it."
"Heh, anyone want a Kio-kebab?"
"Woah, that was intense! Are you sure that wasn't too much?
"What are you talking about?"
Under his breath he muttered, "He deserved it after all."
"They started to walk away and I would've just been left there to suffer."
I covered my mouth and blinked back the shock. How could someone possibly do that?!
"I don't know what spurred me on at that moment but with my left arm I managed to get a good throw at his head with a heavy rock. It didn't do much, but I felt like I did something...before I ended up passing out from the pain."
I don't know why, but I felt a few tears forming in my eyes. could any human put up with this? How could anyone stand to be alive after all of that?
"Because that person believes in something. They don't realize it, but they still have that small glimmer that something good will come their way... and it did."
I stiffly moved off the couch where I sat beside him. He turned his head the other way so I couldn't see his face. I pulled my arms around him in a tight hug as if I were about to lose him.
I couldn't really piece it together, but I think I heard him say something under his breath. "Y-you...really don't have to do that. Everything is different now and it's all thanks to that one light from before...and... maybe... another light that shines here now..."
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PostSubject: Re: Working on this story...   Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:03 am

This ties up the last part of it.

I felt like I couldn't let go, but I did after a moment or so.
Kio chuckled(too cute), and responded in an upbeat sound, "Don't worry about it. I should still be sorry for dropping all of this on you, but if you want I could tell you the rest. It doesn't get anymore depressing I think. I'm only remembering this as I go along since I have never told anyone about this."
I can't even begin to think how hurtful all of that was.
"But you've had to go through some of the same things with Mary." Kio's voice was depressing again. "With all that you told me I'm surprised you put up with that devil. You even decided to stay at the same school with her."
I'd hate to ever let evil win. I may lose a battle, but when the war is over I plan to come home carrying my shield, not on it. Now let's continue.
"Nice a Spartan reference. Okay... So I ended up in the hospital and for recovery I was sent to a children's ward hospital. You'd think that they'd just keep me in the same place. I spent the whole time in my room except to go eat."
"No one talked to me first of all I was the only 15 year old there and I never bothered talking to anyone. I must've always looked grumpy."
Something sounds odd about this.
"One month after I have been there a girl sits in front of me at the lunch table I sit alone at. She never talked to me, she just sat down and ate. It ticked me off a bit that she left right afterwards as if I weren't there. She came back a minute later to sit in front of me with a board in her hand."
[Sorry. Didn't mean to be rude. Thanks for letting me sit here.] After I read it she left again."
. . .
"I think I started staying in my room again due to the pain again after that. Around two days later I heard a knock on the door, thinking it was a doctor, but instead it was her."
. . .
"She sat down in a chair and started writing on the gadget she had, like a typewriter pad."
[I guess we're the odd one's out here. The older kids who seem too distant to talk to.]
"I didn't say anything to her, but she continued to talk to me for a while...write I mean..."
[There is free time next week where they'll let us go out and get ice-cream. You should go since it feels stuffy in here.]
(Two days later)
[Feeling better?] I decided to at least tell her no.
[What's your name?]
"It's K-...Kyle."
[I know that is a lie, but I'll call you that for now.]
(Next week)
[Too bad you didn't join us so I brought you some.]
She is really persistent... I took it anyway and she sat down with me again. She never talked which I didn't try to understand, but she tried her best to get me to talk to her.

Something...really...really... doesn't feel right. I am about to give up on this.
[What did she look like.] She sounds so familiar...
"Oh, she had her head wrapped in bandages and her brown hair had black at the ends. The one thing I regret is not knowing her name."
[Oh... is she the one who changed everything for the better?] Obviously.
"Yeah..." Kio's voice drifted. "I also regret never really talking to her. She tried to hide it, but she carried some deep gloom over her shoulder."

"She always smiled when she would talk to me and I could tell it wasn't a fake smile like I'd grown used to having."
[I'm leaving tomorrow.] I only stared out the window not responding. It may have been rude, but I didn't feel like talking. She used an electronic talking gadget to talk now.
[Will you maybe come out of this room and I don't know eat in the cafeteria? There's gonna be ca~ke.]
... I didn't turn my head only lying back down on the bed. I thought she'd finally give up with me by now. [I don't want to leave before I accomplish this one thing.... It's been my goal ever since the first week I've been here... I don't know why, but I want to at least get you to smile.]
[This whole time you've never once smiled or have been happy. You at least deserve that.]
"If you knew what I've been threw you'd understand why I can't."
[Exactly. I know for you to be bandaged up like that something really terrible must have happened. Probably in no comparison to they incident that lead to this.] She held up both her arms rolling the sleeve up to show two arm bands. She pulled down one and thin,long lines appeared. [Glass.]
In return I point to my bandaged face. "Fire."
She smiled and got up. [I'm going to go now. I'm feeling a little light headed. I hope you see me off tomorrow.]
"The next day I waited around the hall when she walked around. She jumped and stood there shocked."
I smiled for real in what felt the first time in my life. "I guess you could say it's all thanks to you."
She was careful and held me in a hug. It made my heart skip a beat when I heard something. It was small, but it was clear. "Th-thank you."
"I learned before that she was mute and later that she got bullied a lot. Maybe she heard some of my story and felt sympathetic. I can't remember the voice anymore or her face directly, but I'll never forget her because she is the one who saved me in more ways than one."
Kio yawned as he slid his head down on the couch. I think the after effect of the spell is over with now so he can't hear me.
It strikes me as odd though. It seems too familiar... She didn't talk... two years ago... hair with black ends....
. . . .
Holy *-! THAT WAS ME!
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PostSubject: Re: Working on this story...   Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:26 pm

Where the heck was I when I typed this part?

I was like "Where is it?! Where is it?! I know I wrote this!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Working on this story...   Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:06 am

And now looking back at this... Skips to random line...

What the fudge is this?

I've completely forgotten about this part of the story...(sigh)
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PostSubject: Re: Working on this story...   

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Working on this story...
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