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 Jill's Dream

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PostSubject: Jill's Dream   Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:49 pm

What i think jill dreams of

Abby: ok today were gonna do something different. We are gonna do a mom pyramid! On the bottom, Christi. You can't control your behavior! And you're jealous that Jills ten year old beat your eleven year old almost twelve year old title winner! Next up Kelly. Suck it up, admit it, Paige forgot the trio. I knew that Kendall should've been in it instead. Moving on, Melissa. You were jealous of Kendall from day one and you knew it. Kendall rocked Maddies world. Stop pouting, Maddie ruined the duet and you know it. Next up, Holly, you were fine, but you should've gotten privates for Nia for the duet because Kendall clearly outshined her. And on the top of the pyramid is Jill! Jill your kid was amazing and you were a great mom this week. You TOTALLY deserved it! Congrats
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Jill's Dream
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