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 My dm confessions

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PostSubject: My dm confessions   Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:17 am

Mackenzie is an amazing dancer. I think that she's already passed the level of her sister in jazz and acrobatics
The whole thing where Abby made Maddie cry about her listening to her mom was RIDICULOUS
Abby: They recognize you because you're national champions Me: no they recognize them because they're on TV
I was so sad that Chloe and Paige finally got their duet that they were waiting 9 years for, and then Paige broke her foot. It broke my heart that Chloe started crying about it
Brooke is underrated. She's very sweet and intelligent and passionate but the show makes her look like a total brat. She works very hard as you can tell. She even has stunted growth because of it!
Kendall is getting very close to the Chloe/Maddie level
Nia is an amazing performer but doesn't get enough credit
Every episode, I look forward to Mackenzie's interviews. She's hilarious!
They need to take Vivi and Cathy out of the theme song, make the zieglers part longer and put the Vertes in it
It seems like brooke gets prettier and Prettier every day
I hate to see any of the girls cry
I'm waiting for the Vivi and Mackenzie showdown
Paige's faces in Red Carpet Special were amazing
The microphones that the girls wear must be pretty annoying
You can tell how much Mackenzie has improved since season 1, especially if you watch "love is war"
Kendall's face was hilarious when Payton considered herself "the best" of the group
I loved the last text but it would've been better if Paige did more than just a Chinstand
Paige is stunning yet abby gives her no attention at all
I hate people comparing Asia to Mackenzie, I love Asia but NO ONE can compare to Mackenzie
I'm looking forward to Asia and RGDance coming on Dance Moms later this season
Christi NEVER talks about Maddie, she just complains about Abby's favoritism. Yet Melissa ALWAYS talks about Chloe
Since the show started, Paige has gotten 8 solos, Brooke has gotten 11 solos, Nia has had 13, Chloe has had 16 and Maddie has had 27. People say that Brooke, Nia and Chloe deserve more solos, but really Paige does.
Nia would be my dream student if I were a dance teacher. She is so dedicated and hardworking.
If I had Chloe's technique, Maddies faces, Brooke's flexibility, Paige's tricks, Nias confidence, Mackenzie's tumbling and Kendall's versality, I'd be a flawless dancer.
It's amazing how the girls have improved from dances like "Party Party Party" and "Ups and Downs" to dances like "The Last Text" and "Your Dream Is My Dream"
I wouldn't mind if Sophia was permanently on the show
Abby seems to have a favorite every year. First it was Brooke then Maddie and I'm starting to think that it's Mackenzie
Their dancewear is so adorable
I will NEVER get tired of watching the show
I wish that they showed more of the girls confessionals
I bursted out laughing when Jill wore that fedora
Chloe seems so beaten down now. Unfortunately, Abby's insults finally got to her.
I love how they have been showing more of the girls friendships lately
That whole thing at nationals was so fake. Clearly Justice can't be Junior MISS Energy
I would love to see Paige do Brooke's Metamorphosis and Mackenzie do Maddies Cry
A lot of people have good technique but NO ONE can beat Maddies facials
The Maddie and Chloe duets are FLAWLESS
Chloe has amazing tilts. How can she bring her leg up that high?
I was so confused when Abby said that Chloe did the wrong choreography in Beautiful Day. Like how are you supposed to do correct choreography in an improv number?
I want one of the Hylands to do my hair
Unpopular opinion: Mackenzie is one of the strongest on the team, yet she's the youngest
I hate all of the Maddie and Chloe, Maddie and Mackenzie and Mackenzie and Brooke comparisons because they are always comparing those dancers. They're all amazing and there's no need to compare them.
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My dm confessions
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