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PostSubject: Forbidden    Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:25 am

Harry nervously walked into the classroom full of obnoxious kids laughing at jokes that weren't even funny. Every year on the first day of school it's like this, boys updating their friends on all the illegal things they did that summer, and girls giving each other dirty looks due to the fights they got into over the summer. He took a seat in the back, getting as far away from everybody as he could. Harry never understood kids his age. They all seemed like they were still in elementary school, only bigger and meaner. "Hey fag!" one of the boys across the room shouted. Harry didn't even look in his direction, he knew who it was without looking. Zayn. Zayn hated Harry, well everybody hated Harry, but Zayn's one of the few who acted on their hate. As the words came out of his mouth a man walked into the room and looked angrily at Zayn, "What did you call him?" "Who wants to know?" Zayn shot back.
The man walked up to the blackboard and wrote 'Mr. Tomlinson' on it and smiled, "Your teacher. Mr. Tomlinson. Nice to meet you, you can head to the office." with that Zayn left the room in shock, and the class sat silent. Harry looked at Mr.Tomlinson, he looked far too young to be a teacher. Hell, he looked like he could be a student himself. He was very attractive, gorgeous blue eyes, brown feathered hair, great face structure, and overall beautiful. And god did his ass look great in those jeans...'What the fuck are you doing?' Harry thought to himself 'he's your teacher for gods sake'. Harry sat the rest of the class paying close attention to every word that came out of Mr.Tomlinson's mouth, which is strange because he never payed attention in class he usually just doodled in his notebook. Maybe it was how calm and soft Mr.Tomlinson's voice was, or maybe he just liked watching his cute expressions when he talked. Harry didn't know, or care, he just enjoyed it.

Harry, as always, was the last to leave the classroom. But before he could get out of the door he heard that voice he loved so much, "Can you stay a minute?" Harry turned around to face his teacher , "Me?"
Mr.Tomlinson laughed, "Yes you. Sorry I don't know your name quite yet." Harry loved the sound of Mr.Tomlinson's laugh, "My names Harry" he said smiling. "Harry. I like that name. Come have a seat, Harry?" Harry obeyed and sat in a chair across from Mr.Tomlinson's desk. Mr.Tomlinson smiled "You can call me Louis, if you'd like." Harry's heart was racing, though he wasn't sure why. "Anyways, Harry. I was just wondering if that's something that happens regularly?" Harry blushed, not knowing what he meant. Did Mr.Tomlin...Louis somehow know the thoughts Harry was having about him? "D-does what happen regularly?", Harry managed to say. "People calling you names.", Louis said with such sincerity in his voice that Harry felt his heart skip a beat, "Uh, yeah. But it's no big deal."
Louis looked into Harry's eyes, "It is a big deal. If you need somebody to talk to, know I'm here."
Harry looked into those beautiful blue eyes, "Thanks. For sticking up for me. Nobody's ever done that." Louis smiled,"Anytime."
Harry didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.After a very long minute of staring at each other Louis stood up and opened the door, "I'll see you tomorrow, Harry." Harry smiled "See you tomorrow." For the first time in a while, Harry felt like somebody cared about him.


Louis walked into his apartment and sat on the couch, frustration written all over his face. His roommate and best friend, Eleanor, sat down next to him, "What's wrong Louis? Not a great first day?" Louis forced a smile, "It was a great first day." Eleanor rolled her eyes, "Oh come on Louis! You're my best friend, I can tell something's wrong. Spit it out." Louis sighed, "I think I like one of my students." he looked to the ground, ashamed. "Well, what in the world is wrong with that?" Eleanor replied. Louis looked up from the ground, into her eyes "You're joking right? You don't see a problem with me having sexual fantasies about my student? Really, El?" Eleanor gasped, eyes wide in shock "I didn't know you meant it like that! I thought you just...liked him, not like him." They sat saying nothing for a couple minutes, Eleanor finally broke the silence, "What's his name?" Soon as she asked she saw a sparkle in Louis' eyes. Louis tried to hold back his smile but failed, "Harry. His names Harry. And he's adorable. He's got the most beautiful green eyes you'll ever see, and thick curly hair I just want to run my fingers through, and luscious lips with the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen, and bloody hell he even has dimples. And he's so shy, and nervous around me, it's the most adorable thing. Everything about him is irresistible. I just *want* him. I've never felt anything like it before, I don't get it, I only just met him and" suddenly the sparkle and happiness was out of his eyes and he looked to the ground, "and he's my student. Oh god, I'm the most disgusting person on earth."
Eleanor rubbed his back, "No, Louis, you aren't disgusting at all. He can't be much younger than you, you're only 21 you know."
Louis sighed, "he's 17. And no matter what his age is, he's my student. It's just not right." with that he hugged Eleanor and thanked her for being amazing, and headed to his room.


Harry had a very long walk home, but he'd choose a long walk over taking the bus any day. Even the thought of taking the bus was dreadful. His mom would pick him up if she could afford a car, but until then he's okay with walking.

He opened his front door and walked into the living room to find his older sister, Gemma, making out with her new boyfriend (she had a new boyfriend every week it seemed) on the couch. Quickly looking away he asked, "Is mum home?" Gemma, clearly annoyed Harry interrupted her make out session replied with a quick, "No".
"Of course not" Harry said under his breath, walking into his room throwing his backpack on the floor and laying on his bed, well not really a bed, just a mattress.
Harry loved his mum with all his heart, and was grateful to have what he had, though it wasn't much. He just missed her. She was always gone, looking for work Harry assumed. The only time Harry got to see her was mornings before school, and mornings were always busy, not leaving much time to talk.

He had great memories from being younger, when his dad was still around. They still didn't have much money, but the fridge was definitely more full. His mum was always home with a smile on her face, ready to listen to anything Harry had to talk about.
His dad would always say how much he loved Harry, he would take him to play football, and do all that normal dad stuff. Then everything changed.

Harry fell asleep thinking of Louis, and dreaming about Louis. Then waking up in the morning freaking out because Louis was his english teacher, and he knew he'd never be anything more than that.


Louis walked into the classroom, Harry being the first thing he noticed. Still as adorable as the day before. Noticing he was staring, he quickly looked away. Clearing his throat he said, "Today's assignment is to write a short story. It can be about absolutely anything. Hand it in after class, finished or not." he then sat at his desk and watched Harry struggling to get a piece of paper out of his folder, trying not to laugh he looked down at the book he brought to read that day.

At the end of the day he gathered all of the short stories and put them in his suitcase, heading out the door he cursed because it was storming and he knew it would mess up his hair. While running to his car, he noticed a familiar head of hair "Harry?" he shouted. He must have not been able to hear him over the rain and thunder, that or it wasn't Harry, and Louis was just embarrassing himself, either way he ran over to him. Soon as Louis got closer he repeated "Harry?" Sure enough, he turned around. Harry was both surprised and happy to see him, "Louis? What are you doing?" "Just coming to make sure everything's okay. Are you walking home in this weather? I can give you a ride if you'd like." Louis said, hoping he didn't sound creepy. Harry looked at the ground, "Well, uh...I wasn't really going home. I was just gonna go to the library until it closes, then to the park." Louis had a confused look on his face that Harry couldn't help but smile at, "My sister called the school and said she's outta town with her boyfriend, and my mum won't be home tonight. And the house is all locked up." Harry shrugged, like it was no big deal. Louis frowned, "Well, that won't do. Come with me." Louis lead Harry to his car, soon as they were both in, Harry asked if he needed directions to the library. Louis laughed, "I know where the bloody library is. You're not going there, you're coming home with me." Harry blushed, "That's fine Louis, you don't need to do this." Louis smiled, "I want to."

"El, I'm home!" Louis shouted, walking into his apartment, Harry by his side.
"Well you sound much happier tod-" Eleanor stopped talking soon as she looked up and realised Louis brought a guest. Then she realised this guest fit the description of that boy Louis was talking about the day before. She smiled nervously, "Hello, lovely! You must be Harry?" Harry blushed, Louis has talked about him, "Yeah. You must be Louis' girlfriend?" Eleanor and Louis both started laughing, Eleanor saying "Oh sweetie, I don't think I'm his type...well, I have plans, I should go. It was nice meeting you Harry." then she was out the door. Harry didn't understand, she was beautiful and seemed nice enough.
Louis smiled, "Definitely not my type." Harry was too curious to not ask, "What is your type?"
Louis sat on the couch, "I like curly hair. And green eyes. And brunettes. And of course dimples, who could resist dimples?" Harry smiled, Louis basically just described him, "So basically a female version of me?" Louis laughed, "Nah, I like guys." Harry smiled, his heart racing at those words he never thought he'd hear.
"Well, I'll get you some dry clothes. I'll clean the ones you're wearing so you can wear them tomorrow. You can take a shower if you'd like. Then help yourself to anything in the kitchen." Louis paused then added embarrassedly, "I'd cook you something, but I don't know how."
Harry let out a small laugh. Louis frowned, "Hey, it's not funny!" Harry shook his head, "no, you just look cute when you're embarrassed." then realising he said it out loud he blushed, "Uh, sorry...anyways, I can just cook us something when I'm out of the shower... I love to cook." Louis couldn't hold back his huge smile, Harry just called him cute and he couldn't be happier "Alright Harry, sounds great."


Soon as Harry was in the shower Louis opened his suitcase and shuffled through the papers until he found Harry's. It was titled Forbidden
Have you ever felt something that you know you shouldn't feel? Something so wrong, but yet you want it more than anything? Haz knows that feeling, he knows that feeling better than he knows anything. He fell in love, but the love he feels is forbidden.
Harry walked out of the bathroom in Louis' pyjama pants, and a grey T-shirt, "Hey. What you reading?" Harry asked as he walked to the fridge to decide what to make. "Hey Haz.", Louis replied. Harry turned to look at him, "you read it? Sorry it isn't very good and it's not even really a story, but I tried. And I couldn't think of a name so I just came up with Haz." Louis smiled, "I love it. It's perfect. Both the story and the name, so if you don't mind your new nickname is Haz."


Harry and Louis stayed up most of the night, talking mainly about Harry's life. Louis found out that when Harry came out, his dad took it so hard he ended up committing suicide, and Harry blames himself everyday for his dads death. Louis felt terrible, he reassured Harry that he wasn't the reason, and that there must've been other things going on that caused it.
He also found out that Harry's sister is disgusted by him and resents him, she always calls him the fag who killed her dad. The only person who cared about him was the one who is never around, his mum. Harry cried harder than he thought possible, but it felt good getting all of those feelings out to somebody who actually cared. They fell asleep watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns.


In the morning Harry woke up on the couch next to Louis. He watched Louis sleep, he looked so peaceful and beautiful, even more than usual. Louis woke up to see those beautiful green eyes watching him intensely. "What are you thinking about, Haz?" Harry spoke quietly, "I'm thinking about how beautiful you are. And how weird it is that we met a few days ago but I trust you with all my secrets and feel safe with you." Louis smiled, then Harry added, "and what a pretty smile you have. and how weird it is that you're like, 19 and you're a teacher." Louis laughed, "You're thinking about a lot, huh? 21. I'm 21. I graduated and went to college early, I probably shouldn't even qualify to be a teacher but it kinda worked out."
"I'm happy it did. Otherwise we wouldn't never met." Harry replied, now straddling Louis. Louis put his hand on the back of Harry's neck to pull him closer until their lips met for a long passionate kiss. Louis looked into Harry's eyes, "I'll quit my job." Harry shook his head and got off of Louis and sat on the couch staring at him "Louis, no." Louis smiled, "It's no big deal babe, I didn't enjoy it much anyways. And I think I'm young enough to be able to find a good job.", he laughed and pulled Harry in for another kiss, "Lou...are you sure?"
"I've never been more sure of anything."
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