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 Death Note Drinking Game

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PostSubject: Death Note Drinking Game   Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:22 am

Death Note Drinking Game

1. Whenever Light does that creepy laugh, take a shot.

2. Whenever you cry because you miss L, drink the whole bottle to drown your sorrow.

3. Whenever you curse off at Light, take a shot.

Died of alcohol poisoning yet? No? :/ I guess I should keep going/

4. Whenever some one says "Misa Misa" taka a shot.

5. Whenever they zoom in on Mello eating chocolate dramatically, take a shot.

6. Whenever Light writes with an uneeded dramatic flourish, take a shot.

7. If you imagine him writing his checks like that, take two shots.

8. Whenever Rem says "Light Yagami, is this part of your plan?" take a shot.

9. Whenever someone yells at Matsuda, take a shot.

You should be dead by now, right? No? I'll keep going.

10. Whenever Matsuda acts like a total idiot, drink the whole bottle because that will happen for the whole episode.

11. Whenever you think naughty thoughts about L and Light or Matt and Mello or Mello and Near etc, take a shot.

12. Whenever you call Light a "Jack ass" or yell "GO DIE IN A HOLE YAGAMI!!! D<" throw the whole bottle at your screen.

13. Whenever they show Near playing with his toys, take a shot.

14. Miss L again? Try some bourbon this time, your vodka must be running out :/

15. Whenever you head bang to the theme song, take 6 shots.

16. whenever you hear some n00b call Mello a girl, drink the contents of your bottle and smash it over their head.

17. whenever Misa spazzes out about how Light will "love her forever" take three shots.

18. When Light gets totally owned by Mello and Near, drink all of the liquor in your liquor cabinet and dance in your neighbor's yard, but leave when they threaten to call the cops for the third time, cause that's when they mean business.
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Death Note Drinking Game
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