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 My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss

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PostSubject: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:42 am

She ran. She didn't want to stop.

How could they? Why would they!?

She held the small kitten in her hands, wrapping it with her sweater. She was saving it, from those three boys.

How could you try to kill something? How could you just throw rocks at it and just leave it to die?!

"Wait, you little piece of s#it!!" they were calling after her. Three 16 year old boys, chasing a 14 year old girl, over the rocky hills of Kazume City, a small place at the tip of Japan. She was bleeding, and so was the kitten she saved.
"GET HER!" they all yelled. She kept running and running, tripping and getting entangled with branches and bushes. When she was in front of a river, she looked behind her. They were on her tail, ready to do anything to take the kitten out of her possession. Quickly, quickly, she crossed the rushing river, getting her socks and sneakers drenched with dirty water and mud. She groaned at the cold temperature and the squishy feeling. She ran and ran, and she didn't want to stop. But, she tripped since her shoes were wet, on the grassy floor. The kitten was still in her hands, meowing.
"Shh... Shh...." she cooed. If they heard her, they'd find her. "Koneko-san, please be quiet..." She wiggled into a small bush and hid. The kitten kept meowing and shouting.
"Koneko-san! Please, shh...." she whispered. But that was no use.
"Found you." one boy, with spiky brown hair, was actually attractive. He sneered at her.
"No!" she yelled, falling backwards. "No way, get away from me!" she screamed.
"Wow, you're pretty cute, despite your bitchy attitude." the blonde boy said.
"We'll get out of here if you give us the cat." the brown haired boy said.
"N-no..." the girl whispered, clutching the kitten to her heart. "You can't have this kitten. Not today, tomorrow, or ever! I won't let you hurt Koneko-san! You have to hurt me first!" she spat back.
The brown haired boy smirked, and reached down to grab her, as the girl cringed and started to tear up.
"WAIT!" a blonde woman, pretty and young, (and in a maid uniform) stopped them. "What are you doing!? You punks!!" she yelled, wielding a metal baseball bat. Her voice was soft and high, not very threatening.
"Oh, Miss..." they boys sneered. "What a nice outfit you have today. Your master approves." The blonde woman scowled, her voice grumbling and getting deeper.
"You little shits. I'm fucking 21 years old. You really think I wanna fuck around with teens like you!? YOU FUCKING THINK THAAAAAAAAAT?!" her voice was deeper than before, almost like a mans. "GET OUT OF HERE!" she screamed, waving the bat in the air. They all ran off, yelling profanities of all sorts.
"Yeah, you idiots! Get out of hereee!" the blonde woman yelled, her voice back to normal. The woman looked at the girl, who was shivering. Her legs cramping from wet waters, and her clothes torn and her skin scratched.
"Hey, oujo-sama... (Miss) Are you okay?" she scooted closer to the girl, who finally passed out on the woman's chest, still clutching the kitten, who was also worn out and wounded. The blonde woman held the girl tightly and picked her up, and walked back to the cafe slowly.

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SHSL Despair


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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:43 am

Her eyes were filled with crusts as she awakened.


She looked around, seeing small posters of pastries and tea, and maids?

Wait! What the hell am I....

She felt fur on her left arm, and saw the kitten she saved snuggling her hand. She smiled and pet the kitten gently.

"Oh! Oujo-sama! (Miss) You're awake!" a skinny girl of medium height in the same outfit as the maid poster on the wall, smiled and greeted her. She was tan, and had silky brown hair and eyes. Her eyes were very big, compared to the girl's small soft eyes.
"Hi! I'm Michiiko! But call me Michi-rin!" the tan girl said. "I'm glad you're awake... Everyone was worried sick about you!"
"Michi-riiin!" called a voice from the hallway that led into this small office. It started Michi-rin, making her jump.
"Who are you talkin-" It was the blonde woman! She was small next to the tan girl. "You're awake! Thank goodness!" the woman walked next to the girl's side. She bent down as the girl sat up, holding the kitten in her hands. "I'm Mashiro Airi. It's nice to meet you. I appreciate you helping this little guy out. Those guys back there deserve to sit in jail for a while, huh?"

Mashiro... Airi....

It was a beautiful name. As was Michi-rin.
"Airi-san.... Thank you." the girl whispered. She looked up with her twinkling eyes.
"No problem oujo-sama! What's your name?" Her name? Um... Oh yeah, duh!
"Misanae Tetsuyo." the girl replied. "Misanae." The girls smiled.
"Misanae, is it? What a sweet name." Michi-rin said.
"This is Shoujo Latte, a maid cafe!" Michi-rin said.
"Yep! Shoujo Latte pretty popular, if you were wondering! Would you like to get out of this place and get cleaned up? I'll give you another pair of clothes, okay?" These ladies were nice to Misanae.
"Alright." they led her into the locker room, and Michi-rin helped Misanae dress up into the small maid's outfit. It was red and had white lace around it. And ribbons and heart buttons.
"Wow, cute!" Michi-rin said, winking.
"Michi-rin! You were requested!" yelled a voice, from the kitchen.
"Carolina! Just wait a second! I'll be right there!"
"Dang Michi-rin! We got a full group today! Hurry it up!" A red headed girl, about 16, peeked into the locker room.
"Oh..." She saw Misanae. "Hi there!" Misanae looked. The red headed girl stepped in. "I'm Carolina. Carolina Jane! It's a weird name huh? Well, I'm actually from New Jersey! But I decided to come to Ashinaka to study. And you are?" Carolina finished. She looked like a model. She was tall and thin, much like the other girls, but she was SO gorgeous and ladylike.
"I'm Misanae." she replied.

i'll finish this later

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SHSL Despair


Posts : 1439
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:23 am

"Misanae, huh?" Carolina smiled. "That's cute! Well, I'm gonna get some customers to their tables! And Mi-chi-riiin! Help me!"
"Oh, alright! Go ahead and look around the shop okay! I'll be back!" Michi-rin walked out of the locker rooms to help Carolina. Just then, Airi popped back in the room.
"Wow, how cute!" Airi's eyes glistened. "Now, I should call your mom or something! She's probably worried about you!" Misanae rubbed her forearm and frowned.
"Well, actually... I live with my older sister, Mio. She goes to cram school and she's hardly ever home..."
"Oh... I should just leave a message then, huh?"
"N-no!" Airi looks shocked. "You see, I don't want Mio to worry about me so much. She's really busy, and she's always working to help me and herself..."
"Oh Misanae..." Airi put her hand on Misanae's head. "You are so cute! Hey, how would you like to work here? You say you need the money right? Well, it's 9 dollars per hour, and if you work for like 3 hours, you'll earn about 27 bucks a day! And you can decide which days to work and which hours! What do ya say?" Airi asked.
"S-sure!!" Misanae laughed. Airi walked out of the locker room and helped out Carolina and Michi-rin. Misanae just sat on the benches, waiting for her clothes to dry. She checked on her kitten a lot, which she named Nayami, which means "trouble". Misanae walked out of the locker room and headed into the cafe area. It was pink! Pink everywhere! It was cute, with kawaii-decoden everywhere!
"Hey, kawaii ko-chan!" Misanae was tapped on the shoulder.
"Oh, hi" she saw a group of handsome boys that went to her school.
"Woah? Misanae Tetsuyo? Is that you?" the boys snickered.
"I-uh... Um.." she stuttered. But Airi saved her.
"Nope! This is our trainee! Misa-nee!"
"Misa-nee? Hahaha!" the boys laughed.
"Hey! Shut up! What the hell are you guys doing in a maid cafe anyway?! Screw you!" Airi stared in shock, as did everyone else.
"Tsu-tsundere!" the customers yelled.
"The new trainee is the tsundere type!"
"W-what!?" Misanae yelled. "No way! Screw all of you guys!" As Misanae was crowded with fans, Airi, Carolina, Michi-rin, and her boyfriend, Shizuya, were talking about Misanae in the kitchen.
"So, we have a new little one, huh?" asked Shizuya.
"Yep, Misanae! Cute, huh?"
"Yeah, sure..."
"Well, we don't have the tsundere type here!" said Michi-rin.
"Hm... What would I be?" asked Carolina.
"I'd say the Bishie." said Shizuya.
"Oh really? Why?"
"Aren't you a model?"
"Oh yeah! Haha!" Carolina laughed.
"Well, she's pretty popular right now. I wonder what Momoi and Yuuka are gonna say!"

"Heyoooo!" A pink haired girl walked through the door with an orange haired girl with rounded circle braids
Momoi Hiyosakura, the pink haired skinny girl also worked at Shoujo Latte, for a pretty long time actually, since she was 15. She's now about 17. Yuuka Aisaka, or Greta, (which everyone called her for her German looking braids.) was surprised to see a cute little new worker, serving the people who normally request her.
Yuuka was 14 and a half, about the same age as Misanae.
"Eh? Who's that?" asked Momoi.
"I don't know." Yuuka frowned.
"Ah Momoi-chan! Greta-chan!" Airi saw the 2 girls.
"Hey Airi! Who's the newbie?" asked Momoi.
"Oh, that's Misanae! Ain't she a cutie?"
"I guess so." said Yuuka. She felt a little jealous. Misanae was pretty. Very pretty. Her eyes were soft, but big. They were gentle and she was very careful handling the French teapots and macaroons. She looked perfect. And the worst part was that Yuuka and Misanae were the same age. Yuuka had some competition.
"I'm gonna go get changed." Yuuka waddled away into the changing room.
"Me too! Yuuka, wait!" The 2 girls ran in the dressing room.

"Yuu, what do you think about Misanae?"
"I don't care." Yuuka chided.
"Oh. I see?" tried Momoi.
"Hiyosakura-san. I would prefer it if you called me Greta or Aisaka. I don't like Yuu."
"Buuu~ Call me Momoi! It's cuter!"
"No. You're Momoka Hiyosakura. Where did Momoi even come from?"
"Gee, what bit you in the butt?"
"Nothing." Yuuka slammed her locker and walked out the door. She saw the trainee talking and laughing with Airi, Carolina, Michi-rin, and Shizuya.


Yuuka shook her head. She didn't have time to think about Misanae. As Yuuka waited for a customer to ask her something, a handsome boy with his little sister walked through the door. His sister was young, about 6 or so, and was yelling, "Onii-tan! Macaroons!" Yuuka knew him! He went to her school. He was the cool kid, always looking bored and breaking girls hearts, all while getting the best grades and pissing people off. Yuuka knew him. Kazuto Sora. Oh, she knew him alright. She had a crush on him. She wanted to impress him, but how could she? She's been trying for years. He waited for a maid girl to make their move so his sister can eat the macaroons and leave. Yuuka just stood there, thinking.
"Um... Maid-san..." he gestured.
"Uh... Um... Yes...?" she responded.
"Oh. Yuuka."
"S-Sora-san!" Yuuka blushed. She didn't move. Her heart was beating too fast! Misanae saw it.
"Welcome To Shoujo Latte, Sir. And welcome to Shoujo Latte Madam." Misanae smiled at the little girl, who blushed at Misanae's kindness and beauty. "I'm Misana-" Misanae heard Airi whisper behind her.
"It's not Misanae anymore! It's MI-SA-NEE" Misanae cringed. "I'm... Misa-nee... And I'll be your maid today!"
Yuuka saw how she had totally embarrassed herself in front of him. And how Misanae made it worse for her! She hated her! Misanae led Kazuto and his sister to a table. While Yuuka ran to the kitchen.

Misanae, Momoi, and Carolina were the only ones working. But Carolina's shift would end soon.

Misanae Actually like her job. It was fun for her. But not for Yuuka, that much. She soon got older, to 17, and was still working at Shoujo Latte.

Airi was now 24.
Momoi was 20.
Carolina was 19.
Michi-rin was 21.
Yuuka was 17.
And Misanae was 17.

They all were college and highschool, but still worked at Shoujo Latte, to keep their friendship together.
But soon, Misanae would work not just at Shoujo Latte, but also a bar. Homra.

"What the hell do you mean she's missing?" Misanae screamed. "She should be fine! She's married! She has a husband! She was supposed to have kids! What the hell are you talking about!"

Mio Akirasuki, or Mio Tetsuyo, Misanae's sister, has been missing. She had vanished, along with a lethal gang leader and her husband.

"How could you say that! She is alive! I'm telling you she is! She's not dead! Screw you, you piece of shit!" Misanae hung up the phone on the detectives talking to her. She slouched on the apartment wall. Her apartment, where Mio once resided with her, was all Misanae's now. She looked at the clock, which had just struck 4:32. Misanae held her head and put her palms over her eyes.
"Dammit..." she stifled a thousand tears back into her eyes. Misanae isn't someone who cries. She looked at the clock again.


She stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash her face and grab her uniform. She looked at herself and scoffed.
"Suck it up." she told herself. She grabbed her bag and walked out the door. She got to Shoujo Latte at 5:00 sharp.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:40 pm

"Misa-nee! Good afternoon!"
"Hey Airi..."
"How is it... if you don't mind me asking... with your sister....?"
"She's.... I..." Misanae hasn't cried or expressed anything ever since her sister went

missing 3 days ago. Misanae just stayed quiet at the subject. She scoffed and went out to

the cafe to take orders. Amazingly, she was focused and didn't screw up anything, unlike

most people who would if their sister went missing.
"Welcome to Shoujo Latte." Misanae would greet kindly.
"Bye! Come back again soon!" and she would cheerfully say farewell without a problem.

"I'm a little worried about Misa-chan..." said Carolina. "She lives alone, right? and her

sister is no where to be found..."
"Misa-nee is strong! I'm sure she can get through this." said Momoi.
"I agree." said Yuuka.
"We should still look after her. She's not someone who tells other about her problems..."

said Airi.
"I heard the bell ring! I'll get it!"

3 men stood in front of the cafe with a small girl in a red gothic outfit.
"Geez, it's so pink in here..." said one of them, who was wearing a white sweat suit and

"It's cute." said one with a hoodie.
"Hey, can we get some service here?!" yelled one with a skateboard and beanie.
Carolina ran out to the cafe, and saw the 4 strangers. She hesitated. Who are they? They

aren't regular customers here. Being kind and careful, Carolina greeted them.
"Sorry for the wait! Welcome to Shoujo Latte~ I'm Carolina. Please take a seat." she led

them to a booth and had them sit down. "Take your time~" The one with the beanie blushed.

Carolina left into the kitchen and told Airi about them.
"They're kinda weird.... The little girl is cute, but those guys are scary!! Can't Misanae

help me out here?"
"I can." Misanae appeared from the locker room. "I'll take care of them. Don't worry."

Misanae smiled. She wasn't afraid of them. She walked out from the kitchen and walked to

the booth.
"Have you decided what to order?" she asked nicely.
"The lemonade." said the little girl. "Is it red?" Misanae wondered. Why was this little girl

here with these punks?
"The raspberry lemonade is. and so is the strawberry one." Misanae smiled.
"Strawberry Lemonade, please."
"Alright." Misanae wrote it down. "Anything else?"
"Actually, yes." said the one in the hoodie.
"We're looking for Misanae Tetsuyo." said the one in the white suit. What should she do?

What should she say?
"I'm Misanae Tetsuyo. Why?" she replied sternly.
"We wanna talk with you." the hoodie guy said.
"Why?" Misanae furrowed her eyebrows.
"It's about your sister, Mi-"
"That's none of your business!" Misanae yelled.
"No, you don't understand. We need to talk with you."
"No thank you." she replied. "I'm not interested." Misanae left.
"She's tough." the guy in the white suit said.
"How do we get through to her? Izumo said it was urgent to get her to talk."
"We could jump her." said the guy in the hoodie.
"No way!" the one with the skateboard yelled. "You gotta treat the ladies with respect! If

you fucking think about hurtin' a lady, I'll kill you!" he blushed and stuttered. Airi

approached the gentlemen.
"Um... If you want to talk to Misanae... You have to be nice to her.... Why do you want to

talk to her?"
"Wow, there are a lot of maids here."
Airi smiled. "Of course!"
"It's about her sister. We think we can find her."
"Oh. Really? Well, I'll tell her that!" Airi walked to Misanae and told her.
"Airi, seriously!? No fucking way!" was heard behind the kitchen. The 3 men groaned.

Misanae appeared from the kitchen. "Here, strawberry lemonade." she placed it gently in

front of the little girl.
"Thank you." the little girl began to slurp.

Misanae, in a bad mood, exited out of the back entrance, where she was being tailed by the

3 men. She looked behind her, and saw the little girl.
"Hey... What are you doing here?" she asked.
"We need to talk to you. Please." Misanae groaned.
"If... I talk to you, will you get off of my back?" she asked.
"Deal." the little girl ran behind a wall and Misanae followed.
"Wait!" she yelled. After running about 3 blocks, the little girl came to a stop in front of a

bar, titled, "HOMRA".
"Let's go."
Misanae followed the girl into a classy bar, with a whole gang in it, including the guys

from the cafe.
Misanae crossed her arms. "So what. What do you people want." A tall man with glasses

came up to her. He was very attractive.
"I'm Izumo. And you're Misanae Tetsuyo, right?"
"Good. Have a seat, mademoiselle." He took her hand and sat her on a big leather couch.
"What was it you wanted me to come here for?"
"We understand you are looking for your sister, and we want to help you find her."
"You see, your sister ran off with her husband and a gang leader-"
"She didn't 'run off'. She disappeared. She could've been kidnapped you know."
"Yes, well, that gang leader hurt one of our clansmen. And we think if we find your sister,

we can find the gang leader."
"How can you find her?" asked Misanae, interested.
"Anna?" the little girl named Anna brought in four marbles and put them over a map. The

four marbles spun and spun, and landed on the street of Shoujo Latte.
"That's how we found you." said Izumo.
"Alright." Misanae was amazed, but didn't show it. "How come if you could find me, you

can't just find the gangleader?"
"We've tried, but always have failed. We can't find him." Misanae needed time to think

before applying herself to working with these guys.
"I'm leaving. I'm going to the gym, if you need me." Misanae got up.
"The gym? Oh, so you box?" Izumo raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, so what?"
"We're going with ya."
"What!? No way! Leave me alone."
Misanae left, flustered. She walked out the door and took the bus to the gym. Kawasawa

She changed into a sports bra, tank top and shorts, and went to her desired punching bag,

punching the heavy thing over and over.

What should I do? I want to find Mio, but I... I don't even know these guys. Why do

they have that little girl with them? Why are some of them attractive? Why are some

scary? I don't understand! How the hell do I stop Airi from worrying about me?

Each time she thought, her punches were getting faster, and harder. Harder, Harder,


Mio... Where are you!!!?

The punching bag had burst a little bit and the sand was pouring out a little.

"Dammit!" she yelled, punching the bag, creating a bigger hole. "Tch."
"Wow, you're a heavy hitter." she heard a man talk to her. She gasped and turned around.
"Izumo." she furrowed her eyebrows. She saw the guy with the skateboard, and a guy in a

track suit, and everyone else who was at Shoujo Latte.
"What are you doing here!?" she yelled. "Fucking leave me alone!" she screamed.
"You're fowl-mouthed too."
"Shut up." she scoffed.
"Nice gloves." Misanae looked at the gloves on her hands. They were white with neon pink

laces around the wrists. They had initials on them, saying, "M.T."
"Thanks." she said. "I told you not to follow me and i would make my decision, tomorrow!"
Misanae furrowed her brow. "You know what, just leave me alone. How the hell do I know
if I can trust any of you people? Dammit. Mio will be found. I know it."
"But what if the police have already given up?"
"What?" Misanae glared. "What did you say?"
"There are so many other missing people out there, how can they just pay attention to 3
people who aren't that important?" Izumo was asking for a death wish. The small girl with
brown hair twitched her eye. She was fed up with these cocky assholes. How could they
say that to her? She tightened her grip inside her gloves, and she looked down to her feet,
with a boiling feeling in her stomach.

"How can you say that?" her voice was broken. "You fucking assholes." she looked up and
glared like a demon. "You better fucking get out of here, or I'LL END ALL OF YOU!!!!!" she
screamed, pouncing at the gang, ready to punch anyone close to her. She missed as Izumo
dodged, hitting a concrete wall and shattering a layer of it. "I'm not kidding around here!
You're finished if you don't leave me alone! If you come back here, or anywhere near me,
I'll make sure to make you sorry." she threatened them, but the HOMRA member on the
outside looked calm and cool. But inside, most of them were creeped out or a little nervous.
This girl had a large temper, big enough to set everything she touched on fire. Her punches
were sure to put a dent in you if you didn't see them. But Izumo smirked, and wanted to
wear out Misanae, so she'd be easier to talk to. Misanae, hoping she got her point across,
turned around and began punching the bags again. Inside her heart, she wanted to be a
calm, sweet girl, but she comes off as an angry troubled child. Also, inside her gloves, her
fingers were hurting, bruised, sweaty, and wet. With blood? Maybe. But she couldn't check
them now. Her sports bra was tight, and making her itchy.
"It's only the truth. Don't deny it so much. Maybe you'll end up like her someday." Izumo
was a daring man. He was a threatening one as well. But she was a strong girl, even though
she was 9 years younger than Izumo. She turned around.
"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE MY FUTURE?!" she screamed, pouncing once
again to punch the man. He caught it this time, squeezing her wrists, hard.
"Now now, don't do that." his hand was strong, and enveloping itself in flames, the power
of the Red King. It was burning her a little, but that wasn't what really hurt. What hurt was
her pride, being captured by the hands of a man she didn't know. Was he trying to tell her,
he was dominant? No way, she couldn't stand for this.
"L-Let me go... It-" she couldn't say that it hurt. That would show weakness. Misanae was
NOT weak. Her eyes flicked, and her teeth clenched tightly. Her hand were imprisoned by
her own gloves. Her legs were wobbly.
"Let me GO!" she screamed.
"No." he said. She scoffed. What should she do? He's too strong. There's was only one
thing to do. Be polite.
"Please. This isn't right. I want you to let me go." She just stared a him, right in the eye.
"Kusanagi..." the guy in the white suit protested to him holding her like that. Izumo let her
hands go. She cuffed her writst, sliding her hand on them to soothe the bruises.
"Get out of here! Now!" she screamed. They left. Something between the people had drawn
them to each other, in other words, Misanae was interesting to Homra. But Misanae,
confused, was also drawn to Homra.
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:56 pm

"Kusanagi-san. How are we going to get her to us now?" asked the boy with the skateboard.
"She'll come. She has a temper, but she'll come, she'll learn to deal with us."
"Really?" Izumo looked at the boy and put his hand over his head.
"Yata-chan, don't worry. She'll come." They walked, hoping to get to their bar soon.

Misanae looked at her hands after she took her gloves off.

Bloody. Bruised. Sweat. Wet. Cramps. Pain. Ouch.

She looked and scoffed.
"Tch." She picked up her things and walked away. But she saw something. A red marble. It
wasn't hers, of course, it looked to valuable. It was that little girls. She saw her once,
holding marbles in her hand, keeping them tightly clutched. She loved those marbles,
Misanae infered. She loved kids. ANd she didn't want them to be sad.
"Dammit!" she screamed, running out the door with her bag over her shoulder, and her grey
sweater around her. She carried the marble in her hand. "Why the hell am I doing this?"
she whispered. She drifted around each corner, looking for the girl and the gang. She
remembered where the bar was. If she just-
"Ah!" she screamed. She collidided with another body. It was a dude.
"Misanae?" the boy asked.

Oh shit, he knows me?

She looked up and saw Kazuto Sora, that really cute boy from middle school.
"S-Sora-san!" she yiped.
"Wow, you've really grown! And you cut your hair!"
"Yeah.. I wanted to..." she responded. It was awkward. Misanae never really cared for the
guy, but apparently, he liked her in middle school, even now, ever since she was so nice to
"I... Gotta run..." she turned around. "See ya." she ran away leaving Sora blushing.
She ran around the corner and sprinted down the next. She finally saw them. She sprinted
to get in front of them. She was tired. Her legs hurt and her hands were cramping. She felt
like nothing. She appeared in front of them
"Misanae-san. Nice to see you." Izumo glared. She panted.
"Hey, girly, get on with it. What are you here for." the one with the beanie scoffed. They
were in front of HOMRA. She lifted up the marble.
"Her... mar-...ble.... It-" she finally had it. She was falling over. She was passing out. But
He caught her. Izumo caught her, holding her shoulders and her head laid on his chest.
"Wow, you were right. She did come!" The guy named Yata said. Izumo smiled and carried
the girl like a baby into the bar.
She was half asleep. She was very tired and crampy.
"Ouch.." she whispered, clutching her arm.
"You're awake." the little girl Anna hovered over her. "Thank you. My marble is safe."
"She is awake! Good afternoon, Misanae." the men greeted her. She sat up, ignoring her
"What the hell am I doing here!?" she screamed. "I'm leaving." she got up, but groaned,
and quickly sat down. "Shi-"
"No cursing!" said Izumo. Misanae stared, wide eyed. "Now then, what do you think about
this place? Our home, HOMRA!"
"It's a piece of-" she looked at Yata, who was ready to slap her if she finished her
sentence. Instead, she said, "It's okay. Pretty classy...?" she finished.
"Now, we need your help to find your sister. We need to find that gang leader."
"I don't know you people." she said. The guys looked at each other.
"I'm getting out of here." Misanae ran out the door, before anyone could say anything.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:56 pm

Misanae looked around the train station. It was crowded. Most people start coming home
from work this time. She waited behind a bench and looked through her text messages.
MISA!! get ovr here rite now or ill kill u! ur laaaaate! -Airi
Misanae sighed. Shit, she is late. She waited for the train to come. The train finally came,
and Misanae stood, but she was captured by a couple of men instead. She was then stuffed
into a trunk of a car and was taken to an unknown warehouse.

"Man, where is Misa!? She's never usually late! I can't believe this..." Airi complained.
"You know, I think those guys who came in earlier today were creeps! They probably know
where Misanae is!" Carolina decided.
"Oh, those guys? I went to school with one of them... Yep, Yata-san! He's a crazy guy, he
skipped class all the time! He works for Homra, I think? Yeah, that bar a couple of blocks
down here." Momoi said.
"EHH!? MOMOI-CHAN! You should have said that! I'm calling them, now!" Airi yelled. She
looked in the phonebook and found the HOMRA number. Someone picked up.

The phone rang at Homra, so Kusanagi picked it up.
"Hi. Homra. Kusanagi." he said.
"WHERE IS MISAAAAAAAA?" screamed a young girl on the phone.
"Airi-chan! Don't do that!" another girl took the phone. "I'm sorry... Uhm, this is Shoujo
Latte. Momoi Hiyosakura speaking."
"Hello, Miss Hiyosakura."
"Hi! Well, um... Our employee, Misanae Tetsuyo hasn't shown up for work in the last 30
minutes. We're really worried about her since she didn't call in. This is a pretty loaded and
odd question, but do you have an idea of where she is? Earlier today, we saw you and her
having a heated conversation." this girl Momoi was a good speaker.
"No. She was visiting us for business 20 minutes ago. We saw her leave unharmed at
around 7:02. She said she was going to the train station to get to Shoujo Latte."
"Mr.Kusanagi! I'm really worried about her! She could be hurt! She's a really pretty girl,
you know! I'm afraid-"
"Yes, I know what you mean." Kusanagi cut Momoi off, leaving her speechless. "Please,
I'm sure she'll be okay. She told us she was going home, since she was a little under the weather."
"Oh, really? Okay then, sorry for bothering you." Izumo hung up.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:02 pm

"Let her go!" screamed Yata. "You fucker, don't make me come over there!"
"Let me gooo!" Gun shots then fired. Groans and battle cries were heard as punches
and bullets landed. A metal bat and cursing and yelling was heard. Misanae was struggling to fight back at the people who kidnapped her, to try to find the gang leader who went missing.
Misanae did some work, who was beating everyone up.
FUCKING LATE FOR WORK!" Misanae screamed.
"Misanae, look out!" Kamamoto yelled.
"Ahh!" From behind, a man had grabbed Misanae, by the neck. Yata, unseen, grabbed
his baseball bat and whacked the man before he made his stupid speech about his boss. He
let go of Misanae and she hit a metal pipe with her front foot, causing it to jump in the air,
hitting the man in the head before he could get up.
"Asshole!" Misanae screamed. Police sirens rang.
"Shit, let's go!" The whole crew ran out of the building, before the police came.
Misanae and the guys dashed back to Homra. When Misanae got inside, she was covered in
scratches. She clutched her arm.
"Misanae-san." Izumo caught her attention. "You know, it's not safe anymore to be alone.
You could be kidnapped by even more gangs. You're wanted. Your a key to finding your
sister or for getting revenge."
"What do you mean?" Misanae asked, head tilted and eyes blinking.
"Well, you could be kidnapped again. You could be ambushed by thousands of men and you
can't fight them off at once. You'd be hurt."
"What!? I can too protect myself!" Misanae yelled, grimacing at the pain of her shoulder.
"Yata-chan." asked Izumo, ignoring Misanae.
"Yeah? What?"
"Can you look after Misanae? Be her guard. Stay with her at all times."
"WHAT?!" Misanae and Misaki said it at the same time.
"You know, watch out for her so she doesn't get hurt."
"No way!" Yata protested.
"Yata..." Izumo glared in a menacing way.
"W-Wait a minute! You mean... Like stay in my house and go to work with me?" Misanae
"No fucking way!! I go to cram school in the afternoon! My schedule is way too busy to be
looked after by some dude!"
"Some dude? Who are you calling some dude!?" yelled Yata.
"You wanna fight, shorty?!" she yelled.
"FUCK YEAH" he replied.
"Stop it you guys. I don't want you kids getting off on the wrong foot. Tonight, Yata should
stay at your apartment Misanae."
"No fucking way." Yata said.
"Just do what you do, and pretend Yata's not there."
"No." Misanae rejected.
"Oh, come on."
Misanae gasped and twitched her eye.
"No fucking way! Look, we just met. I'm not going to allow this guy, who's what? 5 years
older than me-"
"2 YEARS!" Yata yelled, interrupting.
"Whatever.... Anyway, there is no way I'm letting him stay in my house. I don't need
someone protecting me, that's bullshit. I wasn't on guard last time. He's not living with me.
That's final." Misanae walked to the door. "I've had enough of this." She said, leaving.
Mikoto raised an eyebrow, but then, smirked.
"Interesting. Yata. You bring her back. I want you to let her know she's our property now.
And don't let her get hurt by anyone, but YOU."
"Yes, boss." Yata said, running out the door, trying to locate where Misanae ran to.
"Why, Mikoto?" asked Izumo.
"She's a strain." ( a strain is someone who possesses powers without a king to give the
power to them.)
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:03 am

Yata ran through the city, trying to see if he could hear or see her anywhere.
"You better give us what we want, or there will be problems...." Yata heard some voices in
an alley. He ran to look. He hid behind the side. There were 3 guys, ambushing a girl in a
hoodie with the hood up, the same color Misanae was wearing. He took out his phone, and
recorded the scene.
"You're really cute. You better come with us, and we'll have some fun."
"No..." the girl replied, quietly. Yata was ready to come in and save her, even if he would
regret it later.
"Aw, but we know you. You're the little maid at the maid cafe thing, right? Aren't you
always pleasuring your masters? You should do what you signed up for. Come on, cutie."
The girl paused, but then tightened her fist.
"Oh yeah, your sister was the one that went missing with 2 other guys 3 days ago, right?
Fucking whore..." they all laughed.
She tightened her fist more, grimacing and shuddering. She wasn't crying, was she? She
"You... You know nothing about me. You know nothing about my life or anything." she lifted
her hood, revealing her brown short hair and big brown eyes. It was Misanae. She began to
glow with a white aura. "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY SISTER!!!" she yelled
fiercely, jumping up upon the guys, smashing one's face in, causing him to bleed profusely.
"HEY!" one man yelled, trying to attack Misanae back. She quickly kicked legs and made
him trip, causing him to land on the floor. She stepped on his back, and a crunch was heard.
The man who said the bad things about Misanae's sister, regretted it now. He was next.
She looked at him. He shivered, but he ran up to Misanae screaming and trying to punch
her. She decided to kick him, but her leg stopped right in front of his face. She wanted to
scare him.
"Do you really want to die, today?" she asked, keeping her leg stationary near his face.
The whimpered and shook his head. "Get. Out. Of. Here. NOW." she growled. The man
took off running out the alley, but tripped and landed on his face. He stopped moving.
Misanae then stopped glowing and felt her energy faltering. She caught herself on the
alley's wall. She panted. Her heart was hurting, badly. Her chest was beating and felt like
it was going to jump out.
"Aah...!" she groaned. Her whole body ached. This was the side affects of unleashing your
power as a strain. Yata heard this, and decided to go talk to the girl, while she was weak.
Misanae coughed. She bent down and cupped her eyes. She then stood up, trying to deny
that she was feeling terrible.
"Found ya."
Misanae gasped. It was the short kid, Yata. How could she defend herself?
"I... I..." she whispered, trying to obtain her battle stance, but instead she looked like a
"Hey, are you okay...?"
"I'm fucking great." Misanae lied. She decided to just sprint away, leaving Yata behind.
She did. She just sprinted. But she heard the wheels of a skateboard get closer. Something
grabbed her sleeve.
"Aaah!" she screamed. "Let go!"
"NO!" Misanae then ripped away, tearing her wonderful hoodie. She gasped, and ran into a
store. She was panting hard now. She went to the ladies restroom.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:04 am

"Yata, where did she go?" Izumo asked.
"I don't fucking know! She got away!!" Yata yelled into the phone.
"Really? GO FIND HER. Kings orders."
"Tch." Yata closed the phone.

Anna spun four small crystal marbles on a map of Shizume City.
"Here." the marbles landed on part of the city, the part Misanae was directly located in.
"Thanks Anna." Izumo said. Izumo then called Yata again.
"Yata-chan... She's in the Minzune District."
"Got it." Yata then hung up, skating to Minzune.
Misanae thought that the guy already just went back to the bar already. Minzune was a less
crowded area at night, since it was 9:00 already. She had been waiting in that store for 1
hour. She walked out the front and looked around. When she thought the close was clear,
she ran up the street. She stopped running when she was underneath a gigantic tree. The
branches shadowed her face, leaving her cold. She was far away from the train station
now... Far away from Shoujo Latte, which was all the way up near Uemei District, at least 3
miles away. The train station was 4. She knew that. She sat beside the tree, and lowered
her eyelids. She was sleepy, hurting and angry.
He saw her. Yata saw the brown haired girl Misanae under the big tree. He ran behind her,
whispering in her ear:
"I. Found. You..."
Misanae flinched and screamed. She tried to get up, but she couldn't. Yata had tackled her
to the ground. He grabbed on to her neck, and wrapped both hands around her, making her
even more sleepier, in a bad way. They both grunted.
"Ahh..." she breathed. "Ah! Ah, gaah!" she tried to scream. But it didn't work. She fell
unconscious. She was limp, but alive.
"Izumo-san... I got her."
"Good work kid."

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:04 am

"Mikoto-san... Where do I put her?" Yata carried the small girls light body into the bar.
"Here." he replied, eyes closed and smoking a cigarette. Yata laid the girl onto the couch
Mikoto was sitting at. Mikoto motioned everyone to come around to the couch.
"This girl...." Mikoto began, "is a powerful strain. Very powerful, and uncontrollable."
Everyone was wondering why he took interest in this girl, and why he wanted her so badly.
"So... You mean the whole reason we need her... Is because she's a strain?"
"I couldn't care less about her sister. The gang leader story was fake, but you kids knew
"As he explained before, if we let this girl go to the wrong hands..." Mikoto opened his
eyes. "It could be dangerous. For us, and herself."
"So, how do we keep her from being dangerous?" Anna asked.
"We keep her here." Izumo answered. "Apparently, her power level is low when she's near
us. "Since she naturally feels as if she needs to defend herself all the time around us, and
she's a giant block-head, she relies on her own strength she gained, not the strength she
was born with. It's all in her head. If she thought differently, she would have been dead by
Misanae had relied on her own source of power she made, not the source of power that she didn't gain, technically. So right now, that source of power that makes the white aura, is like a volcano. It's still alive, but will only erupt during certain, unknown occasions.
"Her energy is strong, and her temper is wide. Her powers are
incredible, but she can't let them loose, or someone could get hurt badly." Izumo added.
"So... I shouldn't have choked her, huh? It's gonna make her mad... She's gonna burst out
of control!" Yata said.
"Maybe." Mikoto said.
"But, why did she use her powers in that alley, when she was beating up those guys?"
"What do you mean, Yata?"
"Well, these asses were bullshitting with her, calling her sister a whore or something. Then
she started fucking gLOWING A WHITE AURA then she beat the crap out of the guys.
They're probably dead now."
"White, huh?" Mikoto said, laying back.
"Her powers must be triggered when her emotions are strong. Like pain, sadness, anger, or
maybe even more." Izumo said.
"Well, now we know more about her, at least." Yata added.
Misanae finally had regained her senses. She gasped and flung her body in the air, but
quickly groaned and laid back down.
"Ah...!" she grimaced at the pain in her body. She was hurting all around; her head, her
neck, her chest, her back, her arms, her legs, and her heart. She hugged herself.
"Ah-AAH!" she screamed, creating the aura that surrounded her like earlier.
"Ahhhh!" she was arching her back and making the aura whiter and clearer. Everyone
watched as she struggled. Her hair was all over the place. She finally stopped glowing
when she stopped screaming, lying back down on the couch, resting and panting. She
finally groaned again, and closed her eyes.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:06 am

"Kusanagi, what do we say when she wakes up?"
Misanae heard some people conversing.
"Oh, I have something in mind."
Misanae woke up again, flashing her eyes open. She surged through the air, looking
"Huh, what am I doing here!?" she screamed. She looked at Yata. "You- YOU! You were the
one! You were the one who took me!"
"Tch, if you were stronger, maybe you would have been able to get away."
"I'm getting out of here, now!" Misanae stood up, feeling strong and awake, unlike how she
was a few hours ago. "Once I get out of here, I'm calling the police." Misanae was at the
door, but the t.v. suddenly came on.
"-3 men are found dead in the alley of Katagawa street, apparently from blunt force. These
men were apart of a gang. One had a serious head injury from possibly a human fist.
Another had died from a crushed and cracked spine. The other had died from tripping on
asphalt and landing on his face. Police are trying to find the culprit for this fatal fist
fight, but no evidence of DNA can be found anywhere... Back to you Kikawa-san-"
Misanae turned around once again. She looked around, thinking back to what happened in
the alley. She tried to remember, putting her hand to her left eye. Then, after thinking, she
remembered the whole thing. She cupped her face and bent down.
"I...I..." she stuttered. She began to cry. "I couldn't have... I didn't...."
"You did." Izumo smirked.
"I saw it. I recorded it all." Yata held up his phone, showing the video.
"No... That's... not- I..." Misanae blinked rapidly.
"Now, if you don't want to get into any trouble, we won't tell on you~ But, in favor, you
have to join us. You have to be one with HOMRA." Izumo said, smiling. Misanae heard this
and started to whimper a little.
"Oh, now don't cry little one..." said Izumo. Misanae felt like shit. She didn't feel like
defending herself. She didn't feel like fighting back. Izumo put his finger on her chin and
lifted up to see her beautiful eyes.
"You have wonderful eyes." he said, smirking. He bent down to meet his lips with hers. She
shivered and cried a tear. He stopped right before their faces met, and stood up.
Misanae's head hung on her neck like a anchor tied to a chain. Her hair was messed up
around her face, hiding her.
"Fine." Misanae growled. "Fine. I'll join you." She sat up. She glared at the people in the
bar, watching her nonchalantly. "I get it alright. I'll join you. I want to go home now." she
said, unsteadily standing, ler legs shaking and her fists clutched at her sides.
"Before you do that..." Mikoto began. "You tell us, about you." he said, looking at her from
the couch. "Come here." Misanae hesitated and didn't move.
"I don-"
"Come. Here." Mikoto said, firmly. Misanae was scared. For once in her life, she was
scared. She followed his orders, and sat next to the red headed man on the couch.
"It's not so bad, see?" Mikoto tried to let her calm down. She was just a young girl, much
like his beloved friend, Anna, who was 11.
"You are Misanae Tetsuyo. You are 17, correct?" Mikoto asked. Misanae nodded softly.
"You are mine." he said, touching her shoulder, burning through her clothes and burning
her skin, tatooing it with the HOMRA insignia. She screamed.
"M-Mikoto-san! What about her initiation?" asked Kamamoto.
"This is it." he responded. Misanae grabbed the hand of the tall man and tried to rip it off,
but she wasn't strong enough.
"N-No! Stop, it hurts!" she yelled. "Ahhh....!" After a while, Mikoto let go, leaving the
insignia behind on her red shoulder. She looked at the spot, seeing the fire like symbol that
was not removable on her shoulder.
"W-What...?" she whispered.
"Welcome to Homura." Mikoto said, leaving the room and walking behind the bar into a
door. She looked around. All these people, had just watched her weakest moment. These
people, forced her into this. Misanae ran to the door, trying to leave, but someone tugged
on her shirt. It was little Anna.
"Don't... Go...." Anna whispered, yawning. Misanae didn't understand. What use was she
here? She was nothing!
"Misanae-san... You are Homura now. We are Homura." Izumo stated.
"You people are insane!" she yelled.
"If we're insane, you are too. As long as we each wear this insignia, we are together."
Misanae began to cry. She wanted to wrap her head around all of this, it happened too
fast. She had not cried in a long time. What was it, 2 years? 3? 6 years? She sobbed and
bawled at her fate. It was this, or jail. She couldn't go to jail. If they found her sister, who
would greet her once she came out of rehabilitation? Wait, her sister! Her sister. Mio.
Would she want me to cry? wondered Misanae. No... Misanae thought about her
sister smiling at her. She finally uncovered her wet and red eyes, drying the tears that still
rolled down.
"I will not cry. This is not me. If this is my fate, I accept it, with no problem. I will not cry,
ever again. That is not who I am! Mio taught me that!" Misanae yelled, with audacity. "If I
am now with Homura, so be it."
Izumo smiled. "Glad to hear that." Mikoto was listening behind the hallway.
Misanae took a deep breath.
This... is who I really am? This is my fate? To be with these people, in this gang? I'm
not going to jail.

Too many thoughts wrapped around in Misanae's head. She looked up, seeing the people
who will eventually be her close friends. She looked warmly at the little girl, Anna, and
bent down to her height. "I'm Misanae-san... I'll be your waitress, today...!" Misanae smiled
sweetly, saying what she always says at Shoujo Latte. Anna grinned and giggled. Misanae
giggled, but part of her said this was wrong to do, but the other part said this was right.
She overcame the part where it said that doing this was wrong. This was right. She was to
introduce herself to these people correctly. Misanae stood up straight, smiled and said,
"I'm Misanae Tetsuyo. Nice to meet you." she tilted her head and smiled. She wanted to
cry. This was confusing, and it angered her. Everyone was thinking, about how strange it
was for her to be here so suddenly, how this was too weird, just to accept a strain into the
gang of red. But if Mikoto wanted this, everyone had to, too. Anna already had accepted it.
She thought that if Mikoto likes this girl, she has to too.
"I'm Anna." Anna greeted her, breaking the silence. Anna looked through one of her
marbles. "You... are very pretty." Anna admitted. Yata thought that he should follow Anna
and greet the girl too.
"I'm Yata. Proud member of HOMRA!" he stated. Everyone then introduced themselves, one
by one, accepting this girl in, by every minute that passed by. Misanae sighed. This was
strange, but it felt okay! She smiled again, showing her soft lips that could curve up into
the perfect smile. She felt her strength faltering, and she felt herself falling. Her heart
was racing, and her head was hurting. But instead of hitting the cold floor, someone caught
her. It was Yata, the guy who brought her here in the first place. Misanae looked at him,
with the strength she had left.
"I-I'm just doing this because I feel bad for you hurtin' and stuff!" Yata stuttered,
blushing. "That's all!" he then stated. Misanae touched her forehead. It was hot. Burning
hot. No, not now! Of all times, why have a fever now? Misanae began to huff and puff,
turning bright red. Izumo touched her cheek.
"She's burning up. Lay her on the couch." Yata did as he was told. "Don't worry, it's just
the powers starting to form inside her." She felt like she was a fire. Yes, that's right. A
fire. If she felt like this, then are the powers of the red king, fire? She felt it surge
inside her. She gasped at the power flowing through her. She then felt better, sitting up and
panting. She shivered. Why did this hurt so much?
"I'm okay..." she whispered.
"Good." Izumo said, walking back to his bar. It was 11:45 already. Anna was yawning,
sitting on the couch too. She then fell asleep, still sitting upright. Misanae looked up,
staring out the big window of the bar. The lights were dim. She wanted to sleep, so she did,
right next to Anna.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:08 am

The next morning, Misanae awoke at an early time of 6:00. Anna was still sleeping, but in
Misanae's arms. She couldn't get up so recklessly, so she laid Anna's head gently off her
arm and on to the pillow on the leather couch. She sat up, blinking her eyes, and
remembering what happened yesterday. She groaned. I'm so stupid.... she thought,
throwing her head back and staring at the ceiling.
"Misanae-san... Good morning." said Izumo, opening the door of the bar and entering with
2 other men of Homura. He startled the girl, making her jump. "How was your night?"
"G-Good..." she replied slowly. Izumo then walked to the front of the bar and cleaned some
of his glasses. The two men then sat at another table, talking about what they saw on t.v. or something. Misanae stood up.
"Sit here." Izumo said, patting his counter gently. Misanae walked over and sat at the
counter. She slouched and looked at Izumo rub the glasses over and over again, even
though they have never been used.
"Are you hungry? Thirsty?"
"Here, water." Izumo handed her a glass of water, ignoring her reply. Anna then was
"Mmm..." she moaned, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.
"Anna-chan, good morning." Izumo greeted.
"Mikoto..?" Anna asked. Misanae glanced over to the little girl. Anna was worrying about
that guy? Surely he can take care of himself. Anna frowned at Misanae.
What? That's stange... Misanae thought.
"He's in the back." Izumo told her. Anna got up and waddled to the back of the bar.
"Anna really like Mikoto." Misanae said, not noticing what she was saying. Izumo was
surprised. Who would have thought? That Misanae Tetsuyo could start a conversation like
a normal person. "Of course." he explained. She joined around 3 years ago."
Misanae stared in shock. "3 years?" she stuttered.
"Yeah." Mikoto said, walking in with Anna by his side.
"Good morning Mikoto!" said Izumo.
"Morning boss!" the tow man said.
"G-Good morning..." Misanae stuttered. Mikoto sat on the leather couch. Through the door,
then came Yata and Kamamoto, arguing about something.
"Mikoto! Good morning!" Yata cheered.
"Morning." Kamamoto greeted casually.
"Tsk. Misanae..." Yata growled. "That's my spot." Misanae turned around.
"Find a new one." she retorted. Yata growled.
"I don't hit ladies, so you should better step off the chair, or else."
"Else what?" Misanae chided.
"You don't want to know."
"Oh no, but I do."
"Tch." This was a heated conversation, so everyone decided to watch. This little teenage
girl, dared to talk back to Yata?!
Yata raised his fist, throwing it through the air. As it was about to hit Misanae, she jumped
out of the way. He only hit the counter, smearing the shiny counter, making it all, well,
smeared! Izumo gasped, and yelled, "YOU BRAAAATS!"
"Don't jump out of the way!" Yata yelled, ignoring Izumo.
"Why not!?" Misanae growled back, also ignoring Izumo. He threw another punch, but she
did and aerial in the air and he hit the air instead.
"You suck!" she teased.
"Damn you!" he said, grabbing her left wrist.
"Ahh!" she screamed. He put her into a submission.
"HAHA!" he laughed.
"LET GO!" she yelled.
"No way!"
The yelling between the two continued, with overlapping voices. Misanae finally broke
free, then started flinging kicks left and right, missing each time. She then stopped, but
kicked his foot, causing a distraction so she could wrap her leg around his neck and take
him down. She did just that, wrapping the back of her knee around his neck. She snapped
her leg straight very fast, causing him to spiral downwards. He hit the floor with a thud.
She stood over him, smirking.
"I won- AAAAAH!" she was then grabbed by both legs and hit the floor, hard. Yata toppled
over her, pressing his knees on her skirt so she couldn't move her legs. He grabbed her
wrists and pressed them against the floor. Everyone was watching, enjoying the free
entertainment. Misanae stared at the boy in shock, who was blushing deep red.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" Misanae yelled. "That really hurt, dammit! It fucking hurt!"
"I COULD SEE UP YOUR SKIRT!" Yata quickly explained. Misanae's eyes widened. She
was embarrassed, blushing red, too.
"YOU PERVERRRRT!" she screamed, trying to kick Yata off her. He jumped back off of
her, leaving her glaring at him. He turned his head away and pulled his beanie over his
eyes. She stood up.
"I'm going back to my apartment. I gotta go to work." Misanae left.

"I found her..." a man in a blue suit, about the same age as Yata, was watching Misanae
come out of the bar. "There's the strain..." he whispered.
"Fushimi! We're leaving." A woman called the young man to come down from the tree he
was stitting a top of.
"Got it, leutenient." he said, jumping from the tree, taking one last look at the girl before
she left the area.

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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:33 pm

Misanae opened her apartment door, seeing her little kitten , Nayami.
"Sorry, Nayami-chan..." she ran to her bowl and filled it up with more water. "I'm sorry baby." she cooed, setting the bowl on the floor. The kitten lapped up the water immediately. Misanae sighed once again. She let her posture hang out, relaxing. She turned her head and looked at the maid outfit of Shoujo Late, the place where she had started her journey. She walked up to it. She ran her hand over the seams and skirt.
"Should I.. quit?" she asked herself. The gang she was in was dangerous. She couldn't risk her friends getting hurt. Misanae shook her head. I can't.... do that... Misanae walked to her room and picked out some new clothes. A white cropped t-shirt, dark red denim shorts, black knee high socks, and red steel toed shoes. She wanted to go to the gym. But, she had to call in sick at Shoujo Latte. She picked up her phone. She dialed.
The phone rang once, twice, three times before someone answered.
"Hello?" it was Carolina.
"Oh, hey, It's Misanae..."
"MISA! Where have you been! We've been worried sick about you!"
"That's just it, I'm sick... I caught a cold earlier yesterday, my fever is pretty high... *cough*"
"Aww, poor baby~ Alright, you just stay in bed, I'll come over!"
"N-No! I don't want you to get sick! Shoujo Latte is busy right? I don't want you guys to have more work and less workers."
"Oh, alright Misa-chaaaan!" Misanae sighed with relief.
"Bye Carolina."
"Bye baby! Love ya!" the call then ended. Misanae flopped onto her couch.
"Ugh..." she groaned. She felt as if her life was falling apart. It was. But that was only the beginning. Misanae walked out the door, walking to the gym, which was a short distance away. She thought about what has happened.
My sister is missing. My job is falling apart. I have to pay my rent into 3 weeks. I'm in a gang. I murdered 3 people. And I'm here, walking to a gym.
It was a pretty shitty situation.

The man in the blue suit had skipped work for a little while, to stalk his prey. That new girl who joined Homura. She was interesting. She was a new toy. Best of all, she was close to Yata. At least, that's what he thought. He saw him on top of her earlier today. He went into the gym as well. He looked around, seeing the small girl beating the punching bag into a pulp. She punched hard at one point, letting the sand of the bag fall out.
"Shit..." he heard her say. She kicked it. She left the bag and sat on a bench, pulled off her gloves, and took a sip out her water. She rested her elbows on her knees. He walked over to her.
"Hello, Miss." he said in a sultry tone. She looked up.
"What's up. I haven't seen you here before." she replied. The man smirked.
"I'm Fushimi. Nice to meet you." this man was brave, just coming up to Misanae and introducing himself like that.
"Misanae." the girl flung her head back. "You need something?"
"In fact, I do..." Fushimi was about to grab Misanae's hand but was stopped by the gang of HOMRA.
"Misanae! Hey we found ya! He- Fu-Fushimi!!?" yelled Yata, bargin through the door.
"Misanae, get away from that guy, now!" Kamamoto yelled.
"What? Haah!" she screamed, being pulled close to Fushimi.
"Yo, Yata." Fushimi said.
"You damn moneky, let her go!"
"Aw, but she's so valuable... She's boxer, a girl, and a strain! And... she's close to HOMRA. Of course I'm gonna mess with her for a while."
"What do you mean...?" Misanae asked, whispering.
"Oh, you'll see..."
"Geez, you're annoying... No wonder you get along with Yata."
"WHAT WAS THAT YOU DAMN MONKEY!?" screamed Yata from the front of the gym.
"Let. Me. GO!" Misanae screamed, kicking the front of the guy's leg, which made him loosen his grip so she could get away.
"Nope.." Fushimi said, flinging 5 blades in front of Misanae and creating a blue fire around each blade. She couldn't get away.
"If you want to get away, fight me." Misanae just stared, in shock. What was she to do?
"Misanae, don't! Let us handle this!" said someone from the other side of the blades. Misanae just scoffed.
"Fine. I accept."
"Misanae!" whined the guys.
Misanae ran up to the man, jumping up like she always does, to get a punch on his face. He stpped out of the way. The man smiled. Misanae furrowed her eyebrows. She took another step forward to jab him. He blocked and punched her stomach.
"Wow, you're thin. I could rip through you like a rag doll." Misanae groaned, but then maintained her stance and went for another hit. She did a simple combo of kicks and punches, but he blocked all of them. He then drew a sword. Misane lowered her fists from her face.
"Face it, you're mine now." Misanae didn't care about the sword. She was tired of people thinking they could own her.
"Actually..." Misanae lowered her white shirt at her shoulder to reveal the HOMRA insignia embedded into her skin. "I'm Homra's now." she chided. Fushimi widended his eyes. Homra got to the strain before he did. He lost, against Homra. He drew his sword back and let the blades stop glowing and firing. Misanae glared one last time before running off with her clansmen out the door.

"Misanae... Good job! Showing your insignia to that monkey made him speechless! You're a pretty bad fighter though..."
"I want answers." said Misanae, ignoring what Yata said. "Who was that guy?" she asked, stopping in her tracks. Everyone stopped as well, waiting for Misanae.
"He's a traitor. Fushimi." answered Yata, walking again.
"He betrayed HOMRA for those Blues."
"Okay...?" said Misanae unsure. "What did he mean by strain?"
"Uh... It's a term for hot girl, I guess...." stuttered Shohei, another man in HOMRA. Misanae twitched her eye.
"Let's go back." she said, dashing to the bar.
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:34 pm

"Oh, you guys found Misanae."
"Kusanagi. What's a strain?" asked Misanae, sitting at the counter. Kusanagi was mad. Did these guys tell her about strains?
"Well, they're girls..." said Kusanagi, trying to cover up the real meaning.
"HOT GIRLS!" blurted out Yata.
"Oh... Well..." Misanae glared. Anna came through the room with Mikoto behind her. She sat next to Misanae at the counter. Misanae's phone then rang. She looked at the phone that was playing her ringtone, a cool guitar riff.
"Huh? Airi?" Misanae opened the call.
"MISA! ARE YOU OKAY? YOU HAVEN'T ANSWERED YOUR LAND LINE." Misanae winced at how loud Airi was yelling.
"I'm okay!! And, My land line went dead a little while ago!"
"Oh... Well, I'll come over!"
"N-No! You can't get sick!"
"I don't mind!"
"Airi, I'm going shopping later for some stuff..."
"I'll go with you!"
"Airi, I'm going to barf."
"What!? Don't! Wait, I'll come over!"
"No, it's okay, I have a friend already here!"
"Who?" Misanae looked around. She put the phone next to Anna.
"Hello. I am Misanae's friend."
"Oh, hello! I'm glad you're taking care of Misa-chan!"
"Okay." Misanae then took the phone.
"Bye, Airi! I'll see you probably next week!"
"Okay, stay warm and safe girly~" Misanae hung up the phone and groaned.
"Shopping?" asked Anna, looking at Misanae.
"Oh, um... Maybe later?"
"More clothes." Anna said, looking at her dress.
"I'll tell you what, I'll buy you a new dress for covering for me, okay?" Anna smiled and nodded. She ran to Mikoto, telling her she's going to get a new dress. Misanae put her head down in her arms.
"If you're going shopping..." Misanae looked up at Izumo. "We'll go with you."
"Oh? What for?"
"Just because." said Izumo, again polishing his crystal glasses.

"Here." Anna said, running into the cute clothing store for girls and teens.
"Alright." Misanae went in with her, with everyone from HOMRA behind her. Anna looked around. She saw a nice black and white dress with a shawl and ribbon for the hair.
"3,999 yen? Hmm... Alright." Misanae put the dress on her arm. Anna giggled. Misanae and Anna went throughout the shop, looking at things. But, soon saw Momoi and Yuuka!
"Ah! Misa-chaan!" Momoi ran to Misanae, with Yuuka trailing behind her. "Are ya feeling better? You look a little pale!"
"Yeah! I am! I'm just shopping around with-" Misanae looked at Anna, who was staring back at her.
"Aww, who's that? She's so cuuute!" Momoi grinned.
"I'm Anna." Anna said, introducing herself.
"Misanae, let's get out of here!!" yelled Yata from the back of the shop. Misanae gasped.
"Huh, who's that? Your boyfriend? OMG DON'T TELL THIS IS YOUR KID!"
"No, oh my god! No!" Misanae protested. "This is Anna, a friend of mine!"
Yata and everyone else wandered around the racks to get to Misanae, but when they were in the bra aisle, some of the guys started freaking out.
"Misanae, who are those guys!? Do you know them?"
"Yeah, they're some friends." Misanae said unsteadily.
"Oh, I see."
"Home." Anna said.
"Oh, yeah.. We should pay for this and go home, huh?"
"YES!" yelled Kamamoto hearing what Misanae said. Misanae walked to the counter with Momoi and Yuuka watching her. She payed 4,000 yen and ran out the door with everyone following behind her.

"I want to stay with Misa." Anna said calmly.
"Anna, you have to stay with us." Izumo tried to explain. Anna frowned.
"I say it's okay." Mikoto says, sitting on the leather couch, watching sports on t.v.
"She can if she wants, I guess." Misanae replied.
"Okay, fine. Anna, just one day." Anna smiled.
"Good night. I'm leaving." Misanae carried her bag. Anna carried her dress that was newly bought. She followed Misanae out the door.
"Anna really seems to like Misanae." added Shohei, watching the baseball game on tv.
"Well, they are the only girls here." Izumo responded. "Are you jealous?" he asked. Mikoto just looked at him, with his droopy eyes and dropped his head back.
"Not really." he replied.

Misanae opened the front door of her apartment, 306. Anna went inside. She took of her shoes and Misanae layed out small slippers for her. They walked down the hallway into Misanae's kitchen. Misanae pulled out a water bottle from the refrigerator as Anna looked around.
"You can sit down and watch t.v. if you want. I have to study." Misanae turned on the tv and Anna sat next to her on the couch. One of those funny variety shows came on. Misanae pulled up a laptop and began typing. Anna watched. She was studying something. What was it? Oh, psychology? Odd... Soon, the phone rang.
"Beep! Beep! Tetsuyo isn't here at the moment, but hey, leave a message and I'll get back to you. BEEEP." The phone then started to speak.
"Misanae~ Omae no yachin wa nana-shukan no yoteidesu! Omae wa sugu ni motto jozu ni anta no okane to koko ni-" Misanae ran to pick up the phone, mumbling as she got up.
"Hai, Junko-san! Hai... Shitsu teru yo. Hai... Wakarimashita....Boku wa nana-shukan de okane o motte iru yo... Yakusoku shimasu.. Mm... Hai... Hai.. WAKATTA YO! HAI HAI NANA SHUKAN. WAKATTA." Misanae roughly hung up.
"Sorry Anna. My landlord can't speak English that well..." she explained to the wondering little girl. Where would Misanae get 50,000 yen? Misanae looked at the clock. It was 6 p.m. She remembered that there was a tournament poster at the gym for girls boxing. The winner gets 100,000 yen. Misanae smiled to herself and looked up the tournament.
Combat Girls Boxing Tournament! 14-18 ages! Winner gets 100,000 yen! read Misanae in her head as she looked at the website. The tournament is in 4 weeks.
"I got this!" Misanae cheered, as little Anna wondered what she was talking about.
"Anna! There's a fighting tournament at my local gym and the winner gets 100,000 yen if they beat 10 rounds!"
"Wow. Will you enter?" asked Anna.
"Yeah! I'm gonna win too!" Misanae entered her name in the sign up section on the website. "Alright! Tomorrow, I'm going to start training!"
Anna's stomach growled. Misanae's did too.
"Hungry..." Anna whispered.
"Oh, I'll make something! Hehehe..." Misanae walked to the kitchen and pulled out some instant ramen.
"Yummy." Anna smiled. Misanae cooked both pacakges and ate her dinner at the table with her little friend Anna.
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:36 pm

The next morning, Anna awoke to the sound of Misanae getting ready, putting clotehs on and fixing her hair.
"Morning Anna!" Misanae cheered. Anna got up from the futon, wearing a loose white lace tank top and lace white bloomers. Anna yawned.
"Here is your new dress. Whould you like to wear it?" asked Misanae. Anna nodded.
Misanae helped Anna into the white and black dress and combed her hair. Misanae really liked having Anna wround. She was a like a little sister.
"Mikoto..." Anna said, drooping her eyes.
"We'll go to HOMRA soon, okay? You wanna eat breakfast?" Anna nodded again and ran to the kitchen, followed by Misanae. "I have some strawberries." Misanae pulled out a small tray and pput 4 strawberried in a bowl and gave it to Anna. Anna liked the sweetness hitting her tongue. Once she was finished, the two young girls went out the door and walked to the bar.

"Morning Anna, Misanae." Izumo smiled, seeing the girls walk through the door.
"Morning!" said Misanae, happily.
"You're in a good mood today. What's up?" asked Yata, stepping beside Anna.
"Well, I entered a fighting tournament. Winner gets 100,000 yen."
"WHAT? 100,000?" yelled Yata.
"Yeah!" Misanae grinned. "I'm going to the gym later. I shoudl actually go now so I can get to work. See ya guys." Misanae went to the door, but Anna tugged on her oversized sweater again.
"Thank you. Misa." she whispered.
"We can do it again sometime!" Misanae said sweetly, swiftly walking out the door.
"That girl, is special." Anna whispered.
"What was that Anna?" asked Kusanagi, even though he heard her clearly. Anna shook her head and ran to sit on the couch with Mikoto.

Misanae grunted softly as she hit the bag heavier and heavier each time. 1, 2, 3.. was the pattern in her head. She then did a series of kicks, resulting in a lumpy and limp bag. She panted and wiped her sweat off her forehead.
"You're pretty strong." a girl said, startling Misanae. She had long blonde hair and dark red eyes. She was small and thin. About the same age as Misanae. She wore dark blue shorts and white tank top with blue lining. Her long bangs were pulled to the top of her head with a head band.
"Oh, thanks." Misanae smiled.
"Are you entering the tournament?"
"Yeah." Misanae began punching the bag again.
"I am too." the girl replied.
"Cool." Misanae replied, unimpressed.
"You know, I always win, everything." the girl scoffed.
"Oh? Well, I never lose." Misanae retorted.
"Are you sure?" the girl chided back.
"I'm pretty sure."
"Hm. I see. I'm Umiko. Umiko Yasahara." Misanae stopped punching the bag. She looked at the girl from her shoulder.
"Misanae. Tetsuyo Misanae."
"Okay then Misa-san. I'll see you around." the girl left. What was her problem? thought Misanae. Indeed, she was a weird girl. Misanae began punching the bag again, but heard giggling and laughing from the other side of the room.

"She is the little maid from Shoujo Latte!" giggled one girl with dark blue hair.
"She's a shooto fighter? But she's a maid!"
"She can't win against me."
3 girls, including Umiko were talking about how strange it was that Misanae was a maid at Shoujo Latte, but also a shooto (mixed martial arts) fighter. Misanae just scoffed.
"Oi, Misanae!" Umiko called. "Show us some of your moves!"
"After you." Misanae called back, glaring intensely.
"Fine." Umiko struck on her friends down with her leg and bashed her across the room, with just one kick. The girl groaned and started to cry. "How's that?"
Misanae just stared. Why the hell did she do that? Misanae looked at the girl, who was bleeding from her forehead.
"Are... You okay?" asked Misanae, yelling from across the room.
"She's fine. She'd do anything for me." Umiko smirked. The girl looked up at Misanae and smiled.
"Spar with me. Beat me. Right here. Now." Umiko chided.
"No way."
"Yeah. Of getting disqualified from the tournament." Umiko stepped back.
"You're pretty smart. For a maid." Umiko laughed. "I will beat you Tetsuyo. I'll beat you so hard, you'll never be able to fight again!"
"I'll just beat you so you won't win." Misanae replied. Umiko smiled and tossed her head back. "Are you saying, you're the on who will beat me?"
"Yeah. I'm training to win."
"Good luck with that." the three girls left out the door, still gossiping. Misanae watched them leave.
"That girl, is a nutjob." Misanae whispered to herself. Misanae sat on the seats, watching the news on the small t.v on the wall. She took a drink of her water and walked out the door, to HOMRA again. It was 3:00. She decided to take her 5:00 shift at Shoujo Latte until 8:00.

Misanae opened the door lightly and hopped in, closing the door so it didn't make a banging noise. Everyone looked up to see who it was.
"Uh... Hi?" Misanae said, wondering why everyone was so quiet.
"Misanae...." Yata growled.
"What?" she asked.
"100,000 YEN?" he yelled.
"WHAT!?" Misanae screamed, jumping from Yata's loud voice.
"PAY MY RENT!" Misanae replied.
"That's all?"
"Yeah!" Misanae glared.
"You talk like you're gonna win." Kusanagi said, placing his hands on the counter, leaning on them.
"I am!" Misanae said, clenching her fists and bringing them up like she was excited.
"Do you think you'll have any competition?" he asked.
"No way. This will be easy." Misanae said.
"Umiko. Yasahara..." Anna whispered, reading Misanae's mind.
"Anna?" Misanae turned at the familiar name.
"Umiko is in the tournament." Anna said.
"Who's Umiko?" Yata asked.
"Tch. Some bitch that tried to intimidate me at the gym today. She kicked her 'friend' across the room just to impress me."
"Yasahara... Umiko?"
"Yeah. Blonde hair. Red eyes. Looks like one of those bitches on reality tv."
"Haha. Yasahara Umiko is a strong shooto fighter. Her father is pretty rich."
"Be careful." Izumo advised. Misanae just glared at him. It was silent in the bar. Unusually quiet.
"You know.... They say they never found the killer who killed those 3 guys in the alley." Izumo said. "Misanae." he looked at her with his sharp eyes like a falcon.
Misanae looked away. "That's.... not my.... problem..." she whispered.
"You can't blame them for wanting to play with you."
Misanae blushed, moving away from Izumo.
"What do you mean?" Misanae asked.
"I can't tell someone as young as you things like that." he replied.
"...ahhaahhaha..." Misanae gasped. "I-I'm leaving!" she screamed, pushing the door open and running out clumsily. Izumo picked up another glass to polish.
"Wait, Misanae! You forgot your phone!" Kamamoto yelled. "Kusanagi... Was that necessary?" Kamamoto asked.
"Of course it was." Izumo glares.
"What do you really mean?" Mikoto asked, wanting to know the answer. Izumo put down the glass he was polishing and looked at the Red King. He explained.
"Of course anyone would want to let someone like Misanae know that they're dominant."
"Oh?" Mikoto sighed. "How would you do that?" he obviously wanted to stump him.
"Mikoto-san... I can't say that. Not with these brats here."
Mikoto threw his head back and closing his eyes while Anna slept on his shoulder.

"That asshole.... Dammit... I'm probably late for my shift... What time is it, anyway?" Misanae whispered to herself. She reached into her pocket and found nothing.
"Eh...?" she gasped. I left it at HOMRA....
"Shit!" she whispered, running back in the opposite direction.

"That girl... She's the strain." Fushimi explained.
"Good work finding her." A man in a blue suit replied. He had spiky black hair. He was tall and wore glasses. The two men, Fushimi, and the older man in the blue suit, Reisi, had followed their target, the strain with the missing sister: Misanae Tetsuyo. Their target was to get the girl, make it seem like they were asking questions about her sister, but instead test her to see if she's really the strain they need. The Immortal Strain. If she was, SCEPTER4 could be one of the most powerful groups in Shizume City. Misanae ran back to the bar, but was surrounded by people in blue uniforms at the last corner she had to turn at.
"Hey, move it, will ya?" she said, plowing through the crowd of people in suits, not caring about what they wanted.
"We are SCEPTER4. My name is Seri Awashima. Tetsuyo Misanae, you will be brought in for questioning, now. Hold still." called a woman with a megaphone. She was far away from her, standing at least 20 or so feet away. Misanae felt pissed off. She left her phone at HOMRA and she was late for work. At the moment, it was a terrible time to get her to agree to something. She turned around and put her weight on her hip.
"I'm late for work. I don't have time for questions." she said, slinging her bag over her back and walking to her destination.
"Misanae Tetsuyo. By the commands of our Commander, Munakata Reisi, we have permission to draw our weapons. Please come down to the office, or we will have to use force."
Misanae finally took a step backwards, looking at everyone surrounding her. She noticed someone she knew.
"You're that guy.... That weird guy from the gym! I remember, Fushimi!" she yelled.
"You remembered... Good girl."
"What is she talking about?" a man asked, standing next to him.
"Nothing." he replied, still eyeing the small short haired girl. She was close to the bar. Only about 50 ft. away. If she turned the next corner and screamed, they would all come to help her. Homura would come.
"No way. I'm not going no matter what!" Misanae ran around the corner, screaming the names of the people in Homura.
"ANNNNA! KUSANAGI! YATA! KAMAMOTO! SHOHEI! MIKOTO!!" she screamed loudly, hoping they would hear her. She looked at the bar's door, seeing it open slightly. Yata ran out the door, followed by Kamamoto, and Anna.

"What the hell!?" Yata yelled, looking across the street to where Misanae was standing and yelling. "OI! MISANAE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DO-" he saw a member of SCEPTER4 behind her. "MISANAE, LOOK OUT!"
Misanae then quickly pushed her leg back, only to strike the air as the man hopped back into line with the other guys in blue. After this wild kick, each side ran to Misanae, hoping to capture her.
Everyone except Mikoto and Izumo ran to Misanae's aid. But SCEPTER4 had got a hold of her.
"Let me go! Let go!!" Misanae screamed as the grip of the mens' hands tightened around her arms. "Ahh!" she groaned. "Let go!!" she cried, letting her voice out. "AAAAAAAAH!!!" she yelled, very loudly and strongly. She then began to glow white again.
"Ouch!" the two men who held her let go, feeling a shock go through as the held on to the girl. She hopped away from the men and turned around. She was angry and tired again. Using her powers which she didn't know about, (she actually didn't know she could produce the white aura) made her tired.
"I will not go with you! What the fuck do you mean, 'You have permission'? Dammit, I never got the memo of your 'permissions'! So why don't you just leave me alone and call me back later. If this is a federal case about my sister, I'll listen. Just not now. Otherwise, I'm leaving. Excuse me." Misanae said firmly, with all the power she had left inside her throat. She glared at each and every member before turning away and exiting the scene by leaving into the HOMRA bar. Yata still stood next to the door. He picked up his bat and pointed at the crowd of people in blue suits as everyone else went back inside the bar. He scowled and began to glow red as his eyebrows furrowed.
"You people are crazy. Misanae is Homura, and you can't take that from her. Fuck. You. All." he said, glaring as he went back inside.
Seri twitched her eye. They had failed her mission. The girl was already a member of Homura. Fushimi knew this, but kept it a secret.
"I like that girl..." Fushimi grinned secretly.
"She is a strain. She needs to come in for questioning! I will not accept thi-" Reisi put his hand in front of Seri to let her know, they couldn't do anything else.
"Awashima-kun...." Reisi began, "There is nothing we can do. Retreat!" he said, heading back into SCEPTER4's armored truck. All of the men ran back into the trucks. Seri looked at the bar, then scowled as she swiftly turned away.
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PostSubject: Re: My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:36 pm

"Tch. That woman. Who does she think she is?" Misanae yelled. "Who the fuck is SCEPTER4, anyway?"
"A police typ group fun by the Blue King, Munakata Reisi." Yata informed.
"You mean that tall dude in the glasses?" Misanae glared. "If it concerns my sister, I'd listen. They don't have to ambush me while I'm trying to go to work. They can just call me, dammit." Misanae looked at the counter, trying to scout for her pink iphone. She saw it next a shot of an alchoholic drink. She reached over, touching the glass slightly, making it almost tip over. Izumo gasped. Misanae did too. She put both hands around the glass and kept it in place. She stared at it, seeing her reflection. She sighed and lowered her head into her vertical arms.
"Dammmmit!" she yelled. She swiftly picked up her cell phone.
"Who ya calling?" Misanae didn't see who was asking.
"Airi." she dialed the number of Shoujo Latte, hearing the phone ring twice.
"Yo! Shoujo Latte! Michi-rin speaking!"
"Michi-rin-san?" Misanae asked.
"Huh? Well, well, if it isn't the sick Misanae! How are you?"
"Michi-rin, I'm not doing so well today, but I feel better.... I can come back to work tomorrow, I'm sure."
"Aw, I see...." Michi-rin paused, creating a awkward silence.
"Umm..." Misanae whispered.
"Oh, sorry! I was watching Carolina do some funny dance! She is a really good dancer, but that dance looked so stu-"
"Sorry Michi-rin, I gotta go, my cell phone is dying!" Misanae didn't want Michi-rin to ramble on and on about stupid stuff."
"Oh, okay! See you sometime later! Bye!"
"Bye..." Misanae hung up, so did Michi-rin. Misanae looked at her feet. Everyone watched her.
"I..." she began, breaking the silence, "don't like lying... Especially to those girls...."
"If they bother you, we can take care of them."
"Izumo, they're my friends! I'll never let you touch them!"
"But we're your family." Yata replied. "As long as you wear that insignia, you are Homura."
"Family? Do I have to remind you, I was black-mailed into this?! Did you forget that?!"
"Would you rather go to jail, or be here?" Misanae hesitated at Izumo's words. She stayed silent. "Why are you getting mad at us? You're the one running around playing maid and boxer while you should be worrying and cooperating for your sister."
Misanae looked up, looking horrifyed for a second, but then glared and scowled.
"Oh, really? Why the fuck am I in this gang in the first place? You could have turned me in to the police, but you didn't! I never got the reason why! You never told me!" she looked at Mikoto. "You gave me the insignia when I clearly didn' t deserve it..." Misanae softened her voice when she spoke to Mikoto. "So why did you bring me here in the first place? I don't know why, and I want to know!!" she looked at everyone and backed up, stepping a few steps away. "Look, I'm just a girl who works at a maid cafe. Nothing else." she prepared herself to leave. She felt everything inside her melt. She wanted to scream. She didn't understand anything. She opened the door, hearing a bell jingle.
"You're also a strain." she looked back.
"What...?" she asked, looking at the man who told her the truth, Mikoto.
"Wait, Mikoto, she's not-" Izumo protested.
"She wants to know. She should." He stood up from where he was sitting and walked up to the girl. Izumo stayed quiet and watched, with everyone else who tunes in. Mikoto looked down at her. She looked away.
"What do you mean, strain...?" Misanae whispered.
He leveled his fist against her stomach and tapped her lightly.
"This body of yours.... Is powerful." Misanae looked down at her stomach. "You possess the power of healing. The white aura, The Immortal Strain." Misanae widened her eyes as Mikoto told her this information. He took his hand away and put both in his pockets.
"Im....mortal Strain? Why me?" Misanae looked up at the man.
"I don't know." Mikoto walked back into the dark hallway, up the tall staircase behind the bar. Misanae wanted him to tell her more, but couldn't find herself to stop him.
"Have you ever wondered why, whenever you feel sick or in pain, you feel better in a matter of minutes?" Izumo asked. Now that he mentioned it, she did. Every once and a while, she would hurt herself, like cut herself with a knife, bloody her knuckles, scrape her skin, or bite her tongue.
"Yeah." Misanae looked at him.
"You are Immortal. You will heal in a matter of minutes, no matter how much damage you will ever take, you will always heal." Misanae didn't believe it.
"Liar. You are lying to me! There is no way I'm a 'strain' or whatever!" Misanae screamed. Yata picked up a knife from the counter, and struck Misanae's forearm, making a huge gash stained with red. "Gaah!" she cried. "Why did you do that!? I'll kill yo-" she looked at her arm before finishing her sentence, which was mending itself back together, looking like it was never cut to begin with.
"What... the hell...?" she began to twitch her eyes. "What did you do to me?!" she screamed, letting tears almost fall out of ehr eyes. "Why? What am I?"
"You are the Immortal Strain." Izumo explained shortly. Misanae wanted to cry again.

First, it was her sister. Then it was lying to Shoujo Latte and her friends. Then it was her rent money. Then it was Umiko Yasahara. Then it was SCEPTER4. Then it was Homura. Then, it was accepting the truth, to being this so called, "Immortal Strain".

She finally felt it. All the stress bottled inside her. All the tears she had been holding back, were just let go at that moment. She cried.

"I don't understand..." she broke down, falling to her knees. "I can't do this anymore! I can't do this!!" she screamed. She wiped her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling, stopping her tears. She dropped her hands down to the floor like limp lifeless sticks.
"I can't do this.... So why do try so hard...?" she whispered, grabbing her eyes again. She thought about her sister. Mio... Finally, after all the shock from losing her sister, to thinking about her, she fainted, falling over to the side. She didn't move. Her muscles relaxed. Yata looked at her, wondering if she was okay. He walked to her side, tapping her with his foot.
"Oi... Wake up..." he said. "Wake up!" he said, pushing her over on her back. Her eyes were shut and her arms spread out across the floor. Her shirt slipped off her shoulder. Yata blushed, realizing what he did.
"Yata, don't kick her like that...." Kamamoto scowled.
"But it's her fault for passing out like that! Dammit, what the hell!" Yata replied. Izumo came out from behind his bar counter and scooped Misanae into his arms.
"I'll take her home today." he said, standing up and holding the girl as her arms and head bounced to the side. Izumo walked out the door.
"You know where her house is?" asked Shouhei, wondering because he really felt bad for the girl.
"No, but Anna does." he said, motioning for Anna to come with him. Anna got up from the couch for a while, sighing as she stretched her muscles. She ran over to the door and next to Izumo's leg. He smiled.
"We'll be back." the two walked out gently.
"Damn her... Always causing drama." Yata growled.
"It's not her fault." Mikoto said, appearing once again from the back of the bar.
"K-King!" Yata stuttered.
"She's in a highly stressful environment. Her sister is missing and to put more stress on her, we black-mailed her to join us." he wasn't afraid to say it; the truth.
"Mikoto-san... She should just deal with it..." Yata replied sheepishly.
"She's a girl, Yata." 'She's a girl' kinda explained it. "She'll cry a lot. But you have to put up with that."
"Anna doesn't cry a lot...." he whispered.
"Anna isn't a teenager. She is." Yata looked away.
"What do you mean... I'll have to put up with it?" the Red King sat on the couch, lighting another cigarette.
"You'll have to be patient with her." he said, throwing his head back. Yata looked at the King like he was confused.
"Fine..." he said, giving in.
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My faaaaanfiiiiiiiiiiiic rough draftsss
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