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 Misaki Yata

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PostSubject: Misaki Yata   Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:18 pm

Name: Misaki Yata
Age: 19
Height: 5'5


Yata is a male teenager with orange hair and orange-ish eyes.
He wears a white v-neck shirt with blue lining. He also wears green shorts and blue and gold sneakers.
He has headphones around his neck also. He wears a black beanie over his head, but when it's off, his hair is quite spiky.



Yata is pretty harsh when it comes to defeating enemies, but he loves his friends at Homura.
He is very rebellious, taking orders that he's not supposed to.
He is not afraid to bludgeon you if you did something wrong, to his friends or society.
Despite his brashness, he shows his cute, weak, and shy side when a woman is present.
According to Saruhiko Fushimi, he still cannot get "laid".
He dislikes his first name, Misaki, since it sounds feminine to him.



He is capable of producing a red aura, which are fire powers. He also has brute strength and is seen with a baseball bat in combat. He rides a skateboard. He has headphones around his neck, but they are connected to nothing.


Zuka's Opinions:

he's a hottie with a body. i love him and he is my bby.



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Misaki Yata
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